(1) Beth Phoenix & Natalya beat thé Riott squad (Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan). Nice to watch Beth wrestling again. Thé crowd was firmly behind the visages (as it would be the boîte for most ns the night). Tant beaucoup, tellement of thé usual shenanigans from the Riott Squad. Auto “Divas du Doom” won once they both perform a sharpshooter conditions météorologiques the heels in thé middle ns the ring leading venir a rapid tapout.

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(2) Apollo Crews beat Mojo Rawley. Quick short match, through Mojo actually obtaining a de nombreux of heat et the crowd faire un don Apollo. Nice athleticism native both de them. Apollo won through a was standing moonsault nous Mojo.

The revival blindsided Apollo while hey was celebrating. They go a quick speech explaining they hated the country, hated being here, et that they were sick du being disrespected passant par everyone (and especially “this company”) so they were not offering us thé pleasure venir see thé Revival execute tonight. Aleister le noir music interrupted them, adhering to shortly passant par Ricochet. Both obtained a type pop.

(3) Blackochet (Ricochet & Aleister Black) beat auto Revival. There was a “hug contest” bit at thé beginning du the rencontre where Dawson and Wilder to be hugging together to boos from thé crowd, and Aleister and Ricochet imitated them venir cheers (I guess: v they were playing nous the uncomfortable “back shaving” storyline indigenous Raw). Allumettes went fairly long, v the affronter mostly dominating. Blackochet won after a black Mass indigenous Aleister on Wilder.

Elias climate did his usual collective in auto middle du the ring, including a coupler of français words. Same as when hey is performing nous Raw – thé “Who wanna walk through Elias?” et “WWE supporter for…” morceaux were an extremely over with the crowd. Hey asked us to sing in addition to him et then interrupted us, speak in français “c’était virtuellement mauvais, c’était pourri” (“this was really bad, this sucks” – his french was actually relatively decent), cementing his hoe status. Balor’s musique then interrupted to a solid pop.

(4) Finn Balor beat elias to retain thé Intercontinental championship. Short, intensif match. Balor was over with auto crowd but Elias had actually some supporters oui well. Balor winner with auto Coup du Grace from the top rope.

(5) Titus O’Neil beat EC3. Thé most quiet jeu of the night, put right after thé intermission. EC3 come out à mostly silence et it to be unclear ont if he was supposed to be thé heel ns the face. Titus climate came à a mildly warm reception. EC3 bailed out of the jeu early venir confirm his heel position. Titus won quickly and overpowered EC3 most du the match.

Byron Saxton et Mike romain then went into the ring to promote de largent in the banque coming soon. Auto crowd began chanting loudly “We want Becky,” anticipating quel was coming next. Mike rome then announced a père Threat match parce que le the WWE life Women’s Championship.

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(6) Becky lyncher beat Lacey Evans and Tamina venir retain auto WWE raw Women’s Championship. Becky acquired one of the greatest pop ns the night, if not auto biggest. Elle is so over with the crowd. Nous were red-hot for her during the entire match, including some “Becky 2 Belts” chants. Becky greatly fought versus both heels one by one. At part Tamina positioned Lacey for a Samoan drop. Becky propelled Lacey onto thé mat and then put Tamina into auto Disarm Her pour a fast tapout.

Afterwards, both heels assaulted Becky. Elle was saved de Becky et Natalya, that were subsequently attacked de the Riott Squad. Becky climate did a double bulldog conditions météorologiques Liv et Ruby, clearing castle out du the ring. Tous three challenged then celebrated.

Mike rome then announced a six-man sign team match parce que le the henchmen event. Corbin entered first to gros heat. The homme knows comment to be hated. Lashley then come out pour a quieter reaction, et then lastly McIntyre to complete the heel trio. Drew actually got thé most positif reaction et he looked like the biggest étoiles of auto three.

Strowman then come out venir a solid reaction. Seth then come out to auto biggest pop ns the night, carefully followed passant par Roman who got a very substantial reaction oui well (on moyennant with Becky, je would say).

(7) roman Reings & Seth Rollins & braun Strowman beat policier Lashley & Baron Corbin & drew McIntyre. Good, long crowd-pleasing henchmen event. Rollins started life against Corbin who acquired a beaucoup of warmth from auto crowd. Cette went out to steal thé Universal Championship belt indigenous Mike rome so Seth jumped that outside the ring. Rollins climate tagged novel in, and Corbin did the same through McIntyre pour a gros face-off. Rollins to be then tagged back in et was isolated passant par the heels. Cette then hot-tagged Strowman for a strong reaction. Strowman clearing house et did his shoulder tackle operation around auto ring. Cette then gained isolated pour quite a while de the heel, building parce que le the nom est tag. Corbin walk a series ns quick pinfall, cible only regulated to but a one-count, prompting a “one” en chantant from the crowd initiated de Roman and Seth.

Strowman at some point hot-tagged Rollins who did his high paris move including a suicide dive nous Corbin et McIntyre. He then called à la the Curb Stomp on Corbin inside the ring but was distracted by McIntyre. Corbin countered through a powerful-looking backbreaker. Rollins managed venir tag in Roman à la the last hot-tag of the match. Cette cleared the ring et initiated the finishing sequence. Hey Superman punched Lashley, cible McIntyre broke up thé pin. Strowman climate slammed McIntyre. Corbin shoved Strowman oustide the ring, Rollins hit auto Curb Stomp on Corbin. Lashley tried à catch Rollins, but Reigns hit him v two marmonnier Punches à la the win. The faces then celebrated in thé ring.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This to be a strong show. Ns usually go once a year à see them throughout their france tour in Paris. It was my life time external the capitale city et I was afraid thé crowd would certainly be much less involved, but it was actually almost thé contrary. As usual here, thé crowd was really much pro-babyface et anti-heel most du the night (only Elias, McIntyre, and Lacey gained some positif reaction to a avec certitude extent). People were hot tous night and chants go strongly à la most maches. Seth and Roman looked like they were having actually a parcelle of the amusant during the henchmen event et leading auto “one” chant.

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Of note, during last year’s tour, the henchmen event was additionally a six-man sign team match, where novel & brun & Lashley (face at the time) win Owens & Sami Zayn & Samoa Joe. Balor beat Corbin, Rollins beat Mahal venir retain the Intercontinental Championship, et Elias perdu to flic Roode.

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