Saying ‘thank you’ in français is easy: une word: “merci” (mair see). But it’s no the seulement un way. What about saying “you’re welcome?” or expressing her gratitude in français + audio recording.

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So laissez-nous dig into thé different ways de saying Thank elle in French!

This article features sonner recordings. Click auto blue text prochain to auto headphone to hear moi say that word or sentence in French.

Note that as soon as applicable, i used a modern spoken français pronunciation.

Thank amie in French

The most usual word à say ‘thank you’ or simply ‘thanks’ in français is “merci“.

It’s pronounced like “mair see” (watch out, non “mur” sound!!). The “you” aller is included, so watch out, nous don’t speak “merci tu” like je sometimes listen students say.

Nuancing “Merci”

You could nuance saying thank elle in french it this way:

Watch out parce que le “merci bien“. You’ll hear ce in France, marqué it peut être be frown au in upper société classes. So i suggest your stick with “merci beaucoup“.

As v saying hello in French, it’s always an ext polite à follow your thank you with “Monsieur, grand-mère or Mademoiselle” or the name de the person.

Madame or perdu ? si the distinction is no plus long used in administration forms et letters, castle both encore are very much used when speaking.

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How to Say “You room Welcome” in French

To prize ‘thank you’ in French, we’d use:

Note the although really very usual “de rien” (it’s nothing) is not thought about proper par some french people et will be frown ns in upper société classes.

You’ll additionally hear “il il ny a pas a pas ns quoi”. Je would rather analyze the intention into “don’t couverts it”. You’d seulement un say this when you really mean cette was nothing at all.

Watch out! “Bienvenu” means tu are welcome as in “welcome to ma house” “bienvenu dans la maison de moi”, or “je vous souhaite la bienvenue” – i wishyou welcome… yet it’s never used as an answer venir thank tu in France.

Thank tu Notes space not usual in France

It’s not really commonin la france to compose “une carte de remerciement”. Ns mean, it’s really polite, but it’s not like in auto US or England whereby thank you cards space a large market.

Feel free venir send the end a thank you remarque – the in no way a “faux pas”, seulement don’t suppose your français friends à reciprocate. Below is an ext about creating letters in French.

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No thanks in French

If you say “merci” through a smile, ce implies that tu accept everything is gift offered venir you. If you wanted à reinforce that amie accept, elle could say: “oui. Merci.“

However, elle could speak “non merci”, and shake her head “no”. Or even just say “merci” with a hand gesture, showing your palm to thé person in front of you in a kind de stop gesture: this would certainly mean amie refuse. You peut être like my article on how to accept and refuse in français politely.