Trottinette électrique 30 km/h


7.8 Ah

The battery capacity de the nouveau URBAN électrique scooter has been upgraded to 8.8Ah, which improves its hautement range effronté charge up à 40km. On the other hand, it recharges faster.

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Assist motor

The new URBAN electric scooter lieu de travail with 350W motor, compared to auto old 250W motor. Its hautement load is an ext than 120kg, the hautement climb class is 25 °.


The battery compartment et circuit de the URBAN electric scooter have brillants waterproof performance, et the wading depth can reach 15cm.

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Overall, thé D8 professionnel is one du the many well-designed, effectively thought-out, et popular scooter in the world. 

Customer Reviews

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Comfortable ride, solid entry-level moto ! bon rapport qualité/prix !

The journey is really stable. Auto 500 watt engine is powerful enough (160lbs rider) and goes venir 25kmh ne sont pas problem.

Aiden K.
Good pour short commute

This is a really joli scooter so far it would certainly be perfect si it had better shocks amie feel some bumps amie ride over mien head to be spinning at auto end of my ride

Dan B.

Really happy v this product. Its well thought out. That overbuilt et will last a long time. It mélodie on the side du safety. I am 200lbs and get 30 kms out de this in sport mode. On flat ground it can comprendre me to 25kmh. Nous a hill ce will be about 12-20kmh. I was surprised ce can additionally work fairly well manually kicking it.

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Just got ce today, et haven"t tried cette yet. Looks good so far

Caeleb R.

I’ve put practically 100 mile on auto scooter.I’ve brought a parcelle of load in groceries in Costco reusable les poches on auto handlebars. Literally around 20+ pounds. Si you importer the load centered cette won’t result your steering.



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