US rock tape Eagles de Death Metal have appeared nous stage in Paris, much less than a month after deadly assaults during their puissance in the french capital.

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"They to be robbed ns their phase three mainly ago and we would certainly like venir offer them our tonight," claimed singer Bono.

Ninety du the 130 people who passed away in the 13 November assaults were killed at the concert at thé Bataclan venue.

Bono taken on Eagles du Death steel singer Jesse Hughes ahead of an emotional ensemble rendition de Patti Smith's People have The Power.

One concertgoer, Vera Golloch, told la grotte France-Presse the everyone wanted to be at Monday's gig.

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Remy Gardien, a software project directeur from the Netherlands, was also in thé audience. Cette told auto "It was very special and quite emotional.

"The power was impressive - anyone was clapping and cheering. You could see the bassist in tears and Larry the drummer. Cette meant something pour a lot of personnes - the locals et the French.

"When they said their goodbyes (EODM) ns also observed tears nous their faces. Cette was quite a night. Everyone was there is no words. I won't easily forget it."

Bono nous Sunday night: "I être Paris. Feels, feel like auto whole civilization is in Paris. Tonight nous are toutes les personnes Parisians."

U2's concert had been slated pour 14 and 15 November marqué were rescheduled after thé terrorist attacks.

The band got to out venir Eagles of Death steel in thé aftermath, purchase them téléphone mobile, téléphone portable phones to replace the ones they had actually abandoned in the chaos at auto Bataclan, and offering them thé use ns their private plane ont they reverted to the US.

Following Monday's gig, EODM singer Jesse Hughes readily available his "heartfelt thanks and appreciation" to auto Irish band.

"They reminded us that the mauvais guys never take a work off, and therefore nous rock 'n rollers cannot either… and we never will," cette said in a statement.

"We are very grateful to U2 à la providing us thé opportunity to return to paris so quickly, and to re-superstructure in auto healing power ns rock 'n' role with soja many ns the beautiful people - nos amie - de this good city.

"Thank you venir France, and thank you to everyone in thé world who continuellement to prove the love, joy, and music will constantly overcome terror and evil. Conditions météorologiques look forward à fighting auto good fight conditions météorologiques many much more fronts very soon, specifically when we pick up our la tour in 2016. See you again in February, Paris."

At thé earlier show, on Sunday, Bono told auto audience: "We pavillon together with the families ns those killed in Paris," oui the victims' names to be projected conditions météorologiques a huge video screen.

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During auto encore, Bono wrapped himself in a tricolour flag et sang a verse de Jacques Brel's Ne je quitte étape (Don't leaving Me).

Bono and guitarist thé Edge both oui houses in France. Thé Edge called CNN: "It seemed like the target to be culture et every kind of expressions of the best of humankind - good music, restaurants, French nourriture - whatever that conditions météorologiques hold dear."

Image source, AFP