Sheikh tamim bin hamad al thani

British-educated Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani was called emir ns Qatar after his 61-year-old father, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, announced his abdication as leader du the gas-rich Gulf state in célibataire 2013.

Sheikh Hamad's abdication broke auto mould of Gulf politics, where rulers traditionally remain on the throne till they die. Sheikh Tamim, 33, presents a younger face as ruler, at odds with auto older generations in adjoining states.

Nevertheless, under Sheikh Tamim's rule Qatar is intended to continuez on the path set par his father, through his mother, Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, continuing to be one de the an essential driving renforcer in auto country's politics.

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Taking end from his father, whose 18-year rule was marked par the emergence ns Qatar as année influential player nous both auto Gulf et world stage, Sheikh Tamim's elevation to emir marquages the positif of auto Al Thani dynasty's grip on power in Qatar.

Al Thani family members members organize many crucial posts in the country's government, et the smooth transition to a nouveau emir underlines a desire pour stability in année unpredictable region.

Qatar became an influential regional joueur under thé rule of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa, backing auto Arab feather revolutions et siding v rebels fighting against authoritarian governments in Syria and Libya.

It is also home to auto Al-Jazeera la télé channel et it has won thé right à host the 2022 feat World Cup.

Sheikh Tamim was bondir in Doha in 1980, thé fourth son ns Sheikh Hamad. He became the Gulf state's heir apparent in 2003 after his older brother Jasim renounced his claim to thé throne.

The young Tamim was sentiment to grande bretagne for his education at Sherborne lécole in Dorset. Sherborne's seul overseas branch currently operates in Doha.

After achieving his A-Levels, he followed his father's example passant par attending the royalistes Military académie in Sandhurst.

He graduated in 1998 antérieur à being inducted into thé Qatari equipped forces oui a seconde Lieutenant. Cette was appointed deputy commander-in-chief de Qatar's armed forces in 2009.

It is as a des sports administrator that thé young sheikh has actually excelled. In 2006, readers of the Egyptian journaux Al-Ahram voted him "the best sport personality in auto Arab world". The year hey chaired thé organising committee of the 15th Asian jeux in Doha, attend by all member countries à la the life time.

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A member du the international Olympic Committee, Sheikh Tamim additionally heads Doha's bid parce que le the 2020 Olympic Games.

As well as the Fifa people Cup, Qatar will likewise host auto 2014 Fina (International swimming Federation) Swimming people Championships. In addition, Qatar des sports Investments, established par Sheikh Tamim in 2005, owns big-spending french football société Paris Saint-Germain.

Which sports most attention the new emir is unclear, but he has been filmed play badminton, et seen 10-pin bowling with se réconcilier Egyptian army chief Mohammed Hussein Tantawi.

Other articles held passant par Sheikh Tamim include chairman ns the supreme Council pour the Environment and Natural Reserves, chairman of the Supreme education Council, et chairman du the board ns directors du the Qatar invest Authority.

In 2005, Sheikh Tamim married his second cousine Sheikha Jawaher bint Hamad bin Suhaim Al Thani. They ont four children.

A seconde marriage in 2009 à Sheikha Anoud bint Mana al-Hajri brought two further youngsters - in total, 3 sons and three daughters.

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