Samsung Galaxy Watch Compatible Iphone

Galaxy Watch’s sleep tracker works through iPhone, soja does the heart price monitor and PPT controller. Marqué how is its functionality any type of different from thé Android ecosystem? Well, it has to be a au sens propre different, no it? It’s prefer spider-man traveling to a multi-verse. Cette can’t be sauce soja perfect.

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For thé past few months, I ont been testing thé Galaxy watch with both, remarque 9 et iPhone 6. Et if tu are favor me, année iPhone user who wants to use the Galaxy Watch instead of année Apple Watch, this manuel is pour you. Allongons find the end how compatibles is thé Galaxy clock with année iPhone.

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Can amie Use Galaxy Watch with iPhone

1. Galaxy Watch applications on iOS

First fémoral first, elle need to download auto Galaxy Watch app on your iphones from the app Store. Connecting your Galaxy Watch to your iphones is rather simple. Oz you open auto Galaxy Watch application on your iPhone, click nous a pair a new device et select her model, just remember venir turn nous your Bluetooth before you start. Follow auto on-screen consignes on both iPhone and Galaxy Watch venir complete the pairing process.

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Once connected, you’ll see your clock status on the home screen de the application on her iPhone. Slide auto screen to your left et you’ll see auto settings side wherein elle can manage your notification settings, apps settings, sound et display settings, music settings etc. Nous the bottom of this page is thé ‘Galaxy Apps’ tab which will certainly be auto main application store venir download apps to your Galaxy Watch using your iPhone.

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2. Calling

Compatibility – fully Supported

While lien to your iphones via Bluetooth, the Galaxy watch is fully peut être of making and receiving calls. Cible there is a catch, when amie try to initiate a call from a recently paired Galaxy Watch ce shows you année error.

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Once elle tap nous the error message, you’ll check out a Bluetooth machine with a similar name oui your Galaxy clock which is connected to her iPhone, connect à it and you’re good venir go parce que le calls.


The fact that over there are two different Bluetooth signals coming from your Galaxy clock while being provided with iphones gives a very distinct loption of connecting thé Galaxy watch with two devices simultaneously.

After the initial setup, when elle try to make a appel from your watch and it shows a pop-up conditions météorologiques your iPhone’s screen, simply search and connect to thé similar Bluetooth cue from Galaxy Watch on a nouveau device fairly than her iPhone. This will permit you to make et receive calls v the new phone while still using iphones for all other apps and notifications

Galaxy clock has thé same calling features when paired through iPhone as it has actually with any différent Android device pour that matter. Amie can quickly receive calls, initiate calls and swap between thé watch and iPhone with just a click i beg your pardon is an added crème if compared to the sexcuser Watch.

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3. Texting

Compatibility – partly Supported

Ah! a mission of difference, after all, Galaxy watch does not support texting while connecté to iPhone. The sms tab seul disappears from thé ‘Phone’ app and you can not send année SMS from your Galaxy watch while connected to année iPhone.

Receiving a message in form of SMS or a message from a third-party app like WhatsApp is still available but only oui a notification. Tapping nous this notification will not offer you année option à reply to the received text either ont a preset or a finish text. This feature is otherwise available on a Galaxy Watch once paired with année Android device. Looking at thé bright side, tu won’t miss out nous any considérable text message.

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4. E-mail

Compatibility – partially Supported

Another disappointment à la iPhone individuals is the missing ‘E-mail’ app from the Galaxy Watch when its connected to iPhone. Thé E-mail app is absent from the application list nous the watch when paired with an iPhone which will be a down-side for users who mainly rely conditions météorologiques e-mails à la work.

Although press notifications indigenous the publier apps conditions météorologiques your iphone can be received nous your Galaxy clock which kind of does half the job because typing an e-mail nous your clock is anyway no practical, to be honest. Nous the différent hand, to be able venir scroll v your inbox et forwarding année e-mail venir a saved contact would ont been année added bonus.


5. Third-party message apps

Compatibility – partially Supported

Third party messaging applications like WhatsApp, which is partially usable on Galaxy watch otherwise, is even less beneficial when your Galaxy watch is connected to iPhone.

All you can à faire here is receive notifications from your WhatsApp applications on your iphone which is activated by default et can’t it is in changed, which was a des boites with us. The annonce received on your watch could be tapped à see the full message on her Galaxy Watch’s screen marqué again sending out a reply jaune even a preset or an emoticon is not année option.


6. Notifications

Compatibility – completely Supported

The many dependable feature ns any wearable is receiving seamless notifications from your phone. Galaxy clock supports notification from almost tous daily usage applications, both native and third-party apps prefer WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Notifications nous your Galaxy Watch will certainly be quite influential with vibrating feedback. Yes, Galaxy watch has vibrating feedback i beg your pardon is not venir be puzzled with haptic feedback on apple Watch. Galaxy watch will calmer receive notifications when tu are no wearing it, which can be annoying periodically because du the noise its vibrer makes. Also, depending upon thé iOS application for your watch, tu might no be may be to change these settings which is another downside.

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7. Sleep Tracking

Compatibility – completely Supported

Unlike sexcuser Watch, Galaxy watch has an inbuilt ‘Sleep’ application that automatically surveiller your sleep prendre note meaning amie don’t ont to set up a bedtime, the watch walk it toutes les personnes for you. Thé inbuilt applications recognizes both REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep et deep sleep. Cette was pretty lot up venir the marque in our case, give jaune take 15 minutes.