henn Image: ns Cantine ns Troquet / Above: Le trouve MidiI don’t sait what ce is about auto rue ns Cherche-Midi. Once I couverture the street to friends and colleagues, castle invariably mention a an individual link; they live there as a student, they oz had a lover nous the corner near the convent, they routinely visit nous the way à their therapist’s office.

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Connoisseurs oui known auto rue du Cherche-Midi à la the nation bread et butter cookie (called punishments!) baked in wood-burning ovens at Poilâne bakery since thé 1930s. They toujours flock there, sometimes crossing Paris pour one ns their buttery, carmely apple tarts. 



Parisians space happy à make a detour parce que le Le cherche Midi, one du the city’s le meilleur Italian restaurant since 1978, through a tous les jours menu du fresh pastas et primi piatti served in a cozy room. Your antipasti and focaccia are highlights du any meal et the house-made tiramisu is simply perfect.


Le Cherche-Midi / Anima

Tried et true, those two addresses were, pour many years, the le meilleur food Cherche-Midi had to offer. Then, around three years ago, something changed et the rue became a foodie destination, a cornucopia du goodness spilling over venir the côté streets and byways. 



Atelier Vivanda – Nicolas Buisson above & Thai Toutain (left)

One of the tons to start auto trend was Michelin-star chef Akrame Benallal with atelier Vivanda. A carnivore’s haven, thé tiny lieu de travail is tous about steak and potatoes. The du bœuf is tender, tasty, and cooked as they should be, cible the potatoes. Oh, thé potatoes. I’m no naming names, marqué pommes dauphines may have brought a tear or two to a get an impression woman’s eyes, and are seul rivaled passant par the hazelnut-studded mashed potatoes et nutmeg-laced gratin. 


Le coffee shop – p Monetta

The most recent addition is alin Ducasse’s ns Cafe. Looking prefer a Brooklyn joint, with bright lights et barstools, thé neo-café offers filtered et espresso coffees, as well oui a surprisingly delicious “like a beer” cold-press coffee offered in a pint glass. Thé educated baristas are happy to help modèle select pantalon of beans à go, all of which space roasted at m Ducasse’s soon-to-be-public torrefactor close to Bastille.

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Beating thé trend passant par about a decade, Mamie Gateaux is a comme culinary cou shop and a lunch place those that appreciate a good quiche, tart, cake, or pie. Every day auto Japanese cook features deux different quiches, each v a butter-laden crust the is dry and flaky et melts in the mouth. Pour dessert there space lemon meringue pies, chestnut cakes, seasonal fruit tarts, et fresh scones. 



Up the street from Mamie is Michelin-starred Quinsou. In a refreshingly peaceful dining pièce with faux-cement brick floors et rustic resin pots, Antoinin bonnet serves exquisite dishes indigenous a minimalist menu that supplies guests a selection between two sauf d’oeuvres, deux starters, and two mains. The white radish admission presented complicated layer of flavor, while auto truffle risotto was light et airy. Wines are natural, thé bread is baked fresh daily, et the menu changes every two weeks. 


La Cantine ns Troquet

Red booth seating lines thé stone wall surfaces at Basque chef le christianisme Etchebest’s les Cantine du Troquet. Everyday the team posts the seasonal menu caractéristique carefully sourced commodities from across the country, with a particular se concentrer sur on southwestern favorites favor razor clams and acorn-fed pork. This is a favori haunt pour rugby stars from France et around auto globe. 


Sauvage, translating to wild, was originally a trendy alcohol bar en vedette untamed, organic wines. Locals love the novel idea, friendly host, et original tapas cette started venir serve. Currently a few years later, owner Sébastien Leroy has increased with a plywood-clad dining room. Dishes feature surprising marriages, favor foie gros with apricots, jaune tuna v raspberry and coriander, and they change seasonally.



Anima is a Rive la gauche gem created de the coporation, groupe who shame Racines and Le amende Saint Pourçain. In a mid-century chic dining pièce where the gold-tiled wood-burning cooktop reigns, Italian haut throw together calzone, aubergine parmesan, and a small handful ns other dishes, each meilleur than thé last. The stars ns the meal are auto pizzas made with fior diabolique latte the lingers on the palate through a flavor haricot de soja delicate that tempting venir skip dessert.

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One ns the sapin foodie destinations on the street, café Trama, is encore a continuous treat. Marion Trama runs the room while papa works the miniatures kitchen et Maman renders some of desserts. The croque-monsieur with truffle salt is an eternal favorite, cible the daily specials like beef cheeks or sautéed cèpe mushrooms room delicious. Auto desserts room unforgettable; an affogato v hazelnut praline, a meringue with lemon cream, or moist chestnut cake. Miam! 


Le trouve Midi

Gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, carnivore… over there is something à la every eating sacrés at this welcoming lunch spot whereby wild flowers grace auto tables and tea offers line auto walls. Auto kitchen at simple has année uncommon gift parce que le making healthy foods items that seul taste good. From a budda key to auto tarte aux jour, each dish functions the le meilleur produce de the season. Facile is also a great carré to arrêter for an afternoon smoothie, refresh tea, et irresistible poached pear chocolate dessert.

Poilâne – 8 rue aux Cherche-Midi

Le Cherche-Midi – 22 rue du Cherche-Midi. +33145482744

Atelier Vivanda – 20 rue du Cherche-Midi. +33145445044

Le Café alin Ducasse – 47 rue de Cherche-Midi

Mamie Gateaux – 66 rue du Cherche-Midi

Sauvage – 55 rue aux Cherche Midi. +33145488679

Quinsou – 33 rue de l’Abbé Gregoire. +33142226609

La Cantine aux Troquet – 79 rue de Cherche-Midi

Anima – 78 rue de Cherche Midi. +33140479041

Café Trama – 83 rue de Cherche Midi. +33145483371

Simple – 86 rue aux Cherche Midi

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