Quartier Des Neiges Le Havre

quartier Des Neiges, ns Havre AQI: armée Des Neiges, les Havre Real-time aéronautiques Quality table of contents (AQI).
In order venir install the Quartier Des Neiges, ns Havre air Quality Widget nous your favori iPhone jaune iPod device, just launch the internet browser from her device and open thé web page: "http://ios.cookiesinheaven.com/?4598".

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Then click nous this icon venir install thé widget as an applicationdirectly accessible from your iphone homescreen.Or just scan this QR-code:
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air Quality Widget for your favori Windows téléphone portable 8 or 8.1, directly from the Microsoft application store:"www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/asia-air-quality/f3828278-b7a9-4e5f-9936-95a2e9b2db18".
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The GAIA air quality monitoring stations are making use of high-tech laser bit sensors to measure in real-time PM2.5 pollution, which is one de the most harmful aéronautique pollutants.Very easy venir set up, they seulement un require a WIFI access mettre en ordre and a USB force supply. Oz connected, aviation pollution levels are reported instantaneously et in real-time on our maps
AQIAir contamination LevelHealth ImplicationsCautionary explain (for PM2.5)
0 - 50GoodAir high quality is considered satisfactory, and aéronautique pollution poses précis or non riskNone
51 -100ModerateAir top quality is acceptable; however, à la some pollutants there peut être be a moderate health concern for a very small alors of people who space unusually sensitive to air pollution.Active children et adults, and people through respiratory disease, such oui asthma, must limit prolonged outdoor exertion.

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101-150Unhealthy pour Sensitive GroupsMembers de sensitive groups peut faire experience wellness effects. Thé general auditeur is no likely to be affected.Active children et adults, and people with respiratory disease, such ont asthma, need to limit prolonged outdoor exertion.
151-200UnhealthyEveryone may begin venir experience health and wellness effects; members of sensitive groups pouvez experience much more serious health and wellness effectsActive children and adults, and people through respiratory disease, such as asthma, need to avoid lengthy outdoor exertion; everyone else, specifically children, must limit an extensive outdoor exertion
201-300Very UnhealthyHealth warnings of emergency conditions. Thé entire population is much more likely à be affected.Active children and adults, and people through respiratory disease, such oui asthma, should avoid toutes les personnes outdoor exertion; anyone else, especially children, need to limit the end exertion.
300+HazardousHealth alert: everyone peut faire experience an ext serious wellness effectsEveryone should avoid all outdoor exertion

To know more about aéronautiques Quality et Pollution, check the wikipedia aéronautiques Quality topic jaune the airnow guider to aviation Quality and Your Health.For very useful wellness advices of Beijing physician Richard saint Cyr MD, check www.myhealthbeijing.com blog.

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