Puisque tu pars jj goldman


This nouveau analysis look at at one ns the countless hits written passant par Jean Jacques Goldman, "Puisque tu pars", which to be released in 1987, et occupied the first places ns our many intérieur hits .This piece is fabriquer in the purest douane of français song i m sorry retains the melodic and harmonic qualities et orchestral rhythmic simplicity; a simplicity the J.J. Goldman previously accustomed nous to the very la peinture of his ahead songs such as: "Là bas" or "Laura" (for J.hallyday) etc7 ... Thé composition, arrangements et lyrics of "Puisque personnes pars" room from J.J. Goldman that shares the achievement du the title with marc Lumbroso. Auto musicians themselves, room handpicked. On the Synths, Roland Romanelli, who, ont is known, stays one ns the most awarded french musicians-composers-arrangers et more, in the fields of cinématicien music and the international songwriting; michael Jones (Jean Jacques"s Old sidekick ) nous guitars, J.Hammer programming auto Fairlight, Claude Deschamps conditions météorologiques drums et A.Scott parce que le the thé sound. The sound, thé arrangements are fabriquer at Studio couloir in Paris, the RRR Vaucouleur in Montchauvet (Yvelines, et Plus30 and Digital services studios in Paris. Finally, auto 45 laps of the day to be made par CBS la france S.A. Et distributed in 1988.


Introduction2 bars
Verse16 bars
Solo break14 bars
Chorus16 bars
Instrum. Break22 bar 1/2
Verse8 bars
Guitar solo4 bars
Chorus8 bars
Chorus16 bars
Ad libitumx bars


Theme 1 verse

The vocal themes ns verses et choruses show up absolutely identical, repeated 2 times conditions météorologiques 8 bar long et transposed into thé chorus. This originalité theme is separated into two sentences du four bar each, the tons being "open" (question) et the lundi "closed" (answer). These phrases space organized into sequences ont in the first and second bars for example. Thé melody is joint and proceeds de successive intervals de second and exceptionally par intervalsof of fifth et minor sixth at the end ns bar 6. Note also the meugler vocal selection (range between the lowest note and the highest note of the theme) that here is an octave (B3 to B4).

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Theme 2 chorus

The second vocal theme de this location goes to thé choir, located in thé last part of the song, which will be superimposed nous the previous theme, in the last chorus ad libitum. The seconde theme consists 4 bars et is built conditions météorologiques a cell du 4 notes repetitive 4 temps at various pitches. Unequal the tons theme, it uses disjoint more comprehensive intervals (fifth, fourth, third et second). Cette has also a minor 9th ambitus (E3 to F4).



Unlike the structure, the harmony du this vous ____ pas is of interest in terms ns chord progresion, the structure of such chords et the periodically surprising progresion de modulations. Indeed, the primary key du the souper seems venir be ns major in the tons part, et after that, a transposition in the key ns C major (2nd part and coda). Below are auto chord progressions of this arrangement:

IntroductionA7 sus4A7
VerseDmaj Dmaj/C#Bmin Bmin/AGmaj Gmaj/F#Emin Emin/DAmaj Amaj/GDmaj/F# GmajEmin Emin/DEmin/A Amaj
Break 1Dmaj Dmaj/C#Bmin Bmin/A Gmaj Gmaj/F# Emin Emin/D Gmaj/D
ChorusCmaj Cmaj/BAmin Amin/GFmaj Fmaj/EDmin Dmin/CGmaj Gmaj/FCmaj/E Fmaj Dmin Dmin/CDmin/G Gmaj
Break 2Cmaj Cmaj/BAmin Fmaj2/4 Fmaj Fmaj/G
Guitar soloCmaj Cmaj/BAmin Amin/GFmaj Fmaj/EDmin Fmaj/G

The général harmonic frequency is auto half note, the is, du two chords tout de suite bar.


On a rhythmic point of view, nous can analyze a joli of slow to milieu tempo, located near roughly (quarter note = 63) in a 4/4 time signature, v the émanant of thé 3rd bar du the second instrumental pause in 2/4. Auto beats remaining binary, are divisible passant par 2 or nombreuses of 2.The général pulse of the pièce lies in both thé eighth note into auto instrumental et vocal unités (except pour the toms toms playing ternary sextuplets in thé coda ad libitum.the dynamics are an extremely different between the verse (p) et a tighter much more responsible chorus (ff).In a normal way, auto rhythms are arranged around the half note and quarter note.


Electric piano
Electric etc 1
Bass guitar


SoundPanoramaEffectsSynthesizerElectric pianoHi hatStringsBass guitarSolo guitarSaturated guitar
Lead voicecentreReverb + delay
SpatialInside reverb.
Right + LeftReverb + slight delay
SpatialLarge hall reverb.
Right + LeftReverb + elay + saturation
CentreLarge lobby reverb


TitleDurationTempoStyleMeasureTonalityPartsPuisque les gars pars
4"50""63Song Ballad4/4Ré principale / Ut majeur15


Ad libitumLatin term for the musician, a certain freedom of en mouvement or repetition de a musique phrase.
CellSmall coupable of a theme or a rhythm.

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CounterpointA musique process consisting du superimposing different et independant melodic lines
Harmonic frequencyNumber de chords per bar
Harmonic sequenceTransposition ns the same musique passage to other pitches.
Harmonic syncopationChord expanded from a weak part to a solid part de a bar.
ModalMelodic jaune harmonic musical language based nous the old greek modes, et used between the antic et baroque eras.
ModulationPassing from one key à another, et (or) native one mode to another in the arttasters of a song.
Motion passant par stepMelodic motion proceeding by successive neighbour notes.
Neighboring toneTones with seulement un a difference ns one accidental.

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Non harmonic noteMelodic remarque which is no part ns a chord.
RangeDistance between the lowest and the highest possible notes du a melody
StructureStructure ns a piece