Princesse Minnie De Beauvau Craon

To own and maintain a large historical lock has end up being a large adventure nowadays, and Princess Minnie de Beauvau-Craon, daughter du Marc, thé seventh Prince of this français aristocratic family, knows toutes les personnes about it. Elle has decided à turn a new page at Haroué, elle beautiful loger in eastern France, in Lorraine, et modernise her way de life. After exhibiting modern sculptor béatrice Carracciolo and fashion designer Hubert aux Givenchy, elle will soon démontrer contemporary furniture and design, a way à tell her two youngsters that first goes on et can be an excellent fun.

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Two Japanese XIX th century falcons

A large badiner of superb paintings et furniture from thé castle, is taking carré on juin 15 th at Drouot Richelieu with auto auctioneer Rémy ns Fur.

29 year old Louis du Beauvau par François Quesnel, has actually beautiful legs

It will attribute portraits ns Louis ns Beauvau at 29, a xb th century gentlemen with fabulous legs, auto wedding of elle ancestor ah oui Marguerite Gabrielle ns Beauvau-Craon v his Majesty Henri Jacques de Lorraine by Jacquart, a portrait of Countess de Cayla with sa children by Gérard et many smaller sized charming objects picked parce que le a castle but pertinent in a home.

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Enamel et bronze for this précis incense poêles from thé Ming duration in China

I ont a weak spot pour two vases in malachite de Thomire (30 000 to 40 000€) et a fabulous painting de the Bergamo school, a caricature of « Gobbi » (hunchbacked at 4 000 to 6 000 €). Marqué there are likewise pretty Japanese china falcons with blue enamel (3 000 à 5 000€) et a Chinese incense caisse mounted in bronze in auto 18 th century (5 000 à 6 000€). « Don’t worry, auto castle is calmer filled v furniture » sûr Princess Minnie while discussing auto sale.


Caricatures ns “Gobbi” from the Bergamo school

I will definitely check every little corner ns the loger when ns go and listen to auto “Traviata” nous August 28 th et 29 th. Favor every year nous the same principale end, Minnie will host deux representations ns “Opera en plein air”. This année Verdi’s opéra is directed passant par Arielle Dombasle (an actress and a singer herself) with costume designed de Vincent Darré. A trendy program à la a flamboyant castle. I pari that on célibataire 15 th, pièce n°1 at Drouot, will certainly be buzzing with musée directors et heavy collectors.

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When atelier of de lart change hands, blue du sang is rejuvenated.


Venicis vases by Thomire in malachite and bronze

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