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Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland
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Plan-les-Ouates is a Swiss municipality in thé canton of Geneva. She is, due to the fact that December 22, 2010, thé 11 th city of Canton in terms de population with 10 690 inhabitants. Plan-les-Ouates was started in 1851 once the super municipality de Compesières to be divided. Expanding over 588 hectares, thé municipality de Plan-les-Ouates comprises auto villages de Saconnex d’Arve, Arare and Plan-les-Ouates. Its surname is thought à originate from thé Gothic wato or gwatt, an interpretation water.

Located between auto Arve and Rhône rivers, thé municipality history is connected to auto development ns the European contact network. Route du Saint-Julien, i m sorry was once a roman road, carries auto history du the convoys linking Carouge to Lyon and beyond to the south ns France.

According to thé cantonal statistics office, auto town steps 582 hectares. 55.5% ns housing and infrastructure areas, 39.2% ns agricultural areas, 4.6% ns wooded areas and 0.7% de unproductive areas. Thé town includes auto towns of Plan-les-Ouates, Arare et Saconnex-d’Arve. Ce borders nous Lancy, Veyrier, Troinex, Bardonnex, Perly-Certoux, Confignon, Onex and Carouge.

HistoryPlan-les-Ouates was life mentioned in 1537 ont Plan-des-Vuattes. Part de the Geneva canton because 1816, the region was part of the partagé of Compesières i beg your pardon rented thé Ouates level to thé State of Geneva à establish auto militia camp there. This is how the plain received, native 1819 venir 1875, the men performing their armed forces exercises. It’s the juin 16, 1851 that Plan-les-Ouates, passant par its desire pour independence, to be separated native the partagé of Compesières passant par decision de the Council de State. The new “upper” commune included Bardonnex, Charrot, Landecy and Evordes, auto “lower” commune included Arare, Saconnex-d’Arve et Plan-les-Ouates, auto independent partagé of Plan-les-Ouates was attaché on 1 st July 1851.

From the ville of some 3,500 souls in 1970, Plan-les-Ouates has become a suburban municipality ns more 보다 10,000 inhabitants. Du agricultural origin, thé town has seen many secteurs de lindustrie set increase in the marché gardening part de its territory to give increase to année industrial zone (ZIPLO). Complying with the significativement arrival du the watch industry in current years, thé name has been humorously diverted into “Plan-les-Watch. Auto town celebrates thé Feuillu, a spring festival.

Today Plan-les-Ouates has lost its la campagne character à become one du the many appealing suburbs in the canton du Geneva. Plan-les-Ouates ended up being a city in December 2010 with more than 10,000 residents. Balanced development has allowed Plan-les-Ouates to preserve auto traditional character of its villages while occurring areas de beautiful detached houses et village properties, favouring a welcome mélanger of accommodation.

The municipality has actually one de the best industrial areas in thé canton. Situated at auto gateways to Geneva and Switzerland, a stone’s litter from the airport and near junctions à cross-border motorways, Plan-les-Ouates is ideally located. Plenty of internationally famous companies, specifically in auto watchmaking, pharmaceutical, electronic, microtechnology and new technology sectors space based in auto municipality. A increase in that is demographics and economy places the municipality at the crossroads of historic heritage and future prospects. Ce still, however, cares about preserving quality of life, faire un don vill.

EconomyAs de 2010, Plan-les-Ouates had année unemployment rate of 6.4%. Oui of 2008, there were 104 personnes employed in thé primary concis sector and about 16 businesses involved in this sector. 7,209 toutes les personnes were work in the secondary sector and there were 154 businesses in this sector. 4,290 personnes were employed in thé tertiary sector, through 409 businesses in this sector. There were 3,395 residents de the municipality who were to work in part capacity, du which females fabriqué up 44.5% of the workforce.

In 2008 thé total number of permanent equivalent tasks was 10,801. The num of tasks in thé primary sector to be 94, all of which were in agriculture. The num of work in auto secondary sector to be 7,043 de which 6,079 jaune (86.3%) were in manufacturing et 964 (13.7%) were in construction. The alors of work in thé tertiary sector was 3,664. In auto tertiary sector; 1,217 jaune 33.2% were in wholesale jaune retail sales or the repair du motor vehicles, 235 or 6.4% were in thé movement and storage de goods, 156 jaune 4.3% to be in a hôtel or restaurant, 392 jaune 10.7% to be in the information industry, 81 jaune 2.2% were auto insurance or financial industry, 613 jaune 16.7% were technical professionals or scientists, 233 jaune 6.4% to be in education and 341 or 9.3% to be in health care.

In 2000, there were 6,986 workers that commuted into the municipality et 2,800 workers who commuted away. The municipality is a net importer of workers, with about 2.5 workers entering the municipality for every une leaving. About 22.9% du the workforce coming into Plan-les-Ouates space coming from outside Switzerland, while 0.0% du the locals commute out ns Switzerland parce que le work. De the functioning population, 18.7% used auditeur transportation to comprendre to work, and 59.6% offered a private car.

BusinessesWatchmaking, thé biotech-medtech sector, information et communication technologies and construction space some de the pillars de the town’s industrial dynamism. A true cluster, thé “Plan-les-Watches” watchmaking ecosystem alone has much more than 50 structures (manufactures, subcontractors, independents, art workshops, maintain centers, start-ups, employment agencies, etc.) working exclusively jaune partially in the field.

In total, cette is virtually 1,000 suppliers bringing together more than 13,000 jobs in almost 200 various types ns activities, ranging from agressive to aeronautics and craftsmanship, which consist of this dynamic group. Et varied.

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EducationIn Plan-les-Ouates around 2,246 jaune (33.0%) of the population have completed non-mandatory upper second education, et 1,437 jaune (21.1%) have completed additional greater education (either university jaune a Fachhochschule). De the 1,437 that completed tertiary schooling, 43.8% to be Swiss men, 33.3% were Swiss women, 14.0% to be non-Swiss men and 9.0% were non-Swiss women.

During thé 2009-2010 school year there to be a total of 2,716 student in auto Plan-les-Ouates écoles system. The education système in the Canton of Geneva allows young children to attendre à two years of non-obligatory Kindergarten. During that lécole year, there to be 272 kids who to be in a pre-kindergarten class. Auto canton’s lécole system provides deux years of non-mandatory kindergarten et requires college student to attendre six years ns primary school, v some du the youngsters attending smaller, specialized classes. In Plan-les-Ouates there were 428 student in kindergarten jaune primary school and 48 students to be in thé special, smaller sized classes. Auto secondary school program consists of three lower, obligatory years ns schooling, followed par three venir five years ns optional, progressed schools. There to be 428 lower second students that attended school in Plan-les-Ouates. There were 561 upper second students from thé municipality in addition to 100 students that were in a professional, non-university surveiller program. An additional 154 students to visit a exclusive school.

As ns 2000, there to be 151 college student in Plan-les-Ouates that came from un autre municipality, if 814 occupants attended colleges outside the municipality.

CultureWith concerts, theatre, dance, performances for young people, La rechercher des contes Festival, cultistes Season, musique Festival, Le dil. Festival, la Rue ns Jeu, musical weekend, Wednesday Films and open-air cinema/theatre, artworks in the public space, exhibitions, administration of decoration fund, there are numerous and abondance cultural activities going on in Plan-les-Ouates, also in summer.

There’s also la Julienne, a space parce que le arts et culture situated at route du Saint-Julien, 116. Ce has a café, exhibition space, performance room, library et activity rooms.

Events et festivals

La rechercher des histoire FestivalThe storytelling dur not à be let go in French-speaking Switzerland, at the gates ns Geneva, das Jobelins – bien sur des de lart de la parole de Neuchâtel, wishes à offer a carré to the next generation and organizes a springboard: 3 people planning to professionalize in the arts of story will oui the opportunity à confront thé public, auto programmers.

The festival of MusicThe meeting place for music lovers

The Street ns the GameThe game in all its forms. This event is organized every other year, alternative with Le petit Festival.

Cinema WednesdaysSwiss film are in auto spotlight. Every year, cette is de nombreux to us à make amie discover not seul Swiss cinematographic works, but also to highlight auto professions du the seventh de lart through meetings v the public at the end ns the screenings.

La BrisoléeA bien sur of lights par the fireside. Unmissable moment in the first of thé House, la julienne rappel its public to meet nous the last Thursday ns November to celebrate Brisolée. Fermé borrowed from thé Valais tradition which immédiatement to meet approximately chestnuts, a good soup et braziers in the winter sweetness or with your feet in the snow. Cette is a moment of share between auto public, students et partners to consume there is no moderation.

The musical WeekendYoung musicians, jouer together. The Plan-les-Ouates musique Weekend is aimed at jeune musicians aged 7 venir 16 practicing various instruments and offers lock to phat together à la a whole weekend. Small groups of 3 to 8 musicians room formed ont soon as registrations close according to thé age, instrument et musical level of each. Each partagé is conducted over the weekend par a qualified music teacher. Each participant receives the scores de the pieces cette will play during auto weekend a few weeks in advance. Cette is strong recommended the everyone prepare their scores well in order à guarantee auto quality de the coporation, groupe work. A choir is plan alternately with musique lessons et participants will additionally receive a score conditions météorologiques this subject.

SpotlightStage open to thé partners of les julienne. An ext than a month ns stage open à partners ns the loger des art et aux la culture de Plan-les-Ouates. Thé students of les julienne, under the spotlight, present the fruit ns their work to you through exhibitions, shows, concerts et auditions.

SportThe municipality promotes des sports activities in thé area et helps associations develop their activities to benefit the population, particularly young people. The municipality coordinates initiatives lien to sports et has collection up a breakthrough programme à la sports activities.

EnvironmentThe municipality works venir safeguard and respect the environment. Its worths are:

Sustainable development: taking acte that le respect the principles de sustainable development in three locations (economic, social and environmental)Respect: maintain et develop auto values of fairness and exemplarityResources: optimise thé use de resources, rise efficiency and preserve auto municipality’s advancement capacityQuality ns life: preserve and increase quality of life in our area with planning, sports, cultural, social, environmental, transport and construction policies.Participative approach: taking the population’s opinion into account

ActivitiesWhether v a qualified guider or année app, the récolte service immédiatement you to discover Plan-les-Ouates in a various way. Guided tours in la coopération with Gaëtane Chacon (Geneva manuel diploma and Certificate in heritage et tourism from auto University de Geneva)

“Nature apps” guided tourAs part de the “Animalière” group exhibition at ns julienne, NARIES offers an outing nous the herbal territory du the Municipality. This outing will certainly take tu into Nature, but instead ns being disconnected, tu will use applications on her smartphone to recognize plants, insects et go conditions météorologiques treasure hunts…

Saconnex d’Arve, by mounts et by vaulxA bucolic stroll between genealogical homes and revitalized orchards venir discover auto history du hamlet, that is fauna and flora, and its panoramas not to be missed.

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Visit de Plan-les-Ouates by bikeActive pour health and for auto planet is good, and still is meilleur when you do it nous your bike, if discovering auto history et anecdotes of Plan-les-Ouates.