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The publicité arm de Volkswagen recently held its 2021 media conference, throughout which it released a sketch ns its upcoming Amarok pickup truck.

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If this preview look at a bit familiar, it might be thanks venir VW’s decision to montrer this concept in a comparable colour as last year preview. This temps around, however, the sketch spectacle a truck much much more grounded in fact — even si a few du these details won’t paragraphe scrutiny par the company’s bed-wetting accountants.

Ford in the suivant year. V a new design sketch, #VWCV chef de la direction underlined the clear aim: "This will not seulement un be a great pick-up truck. This will likewise be a genuine Volkswagen with a clear signé in technology and design." #amc2021 pic.twitter.com/PWi0grbKCN

— Volkswagen commercial Vehicles (

Alert readers will recall noise being made last année about an alliance between Volkswagen et Ford . This new Amarok will be one du the fruits of those efforts, with année official maladroit from the société saying auto truck is a product de cooperation in between those deux brands. V a new Ranger conditions météorologiques the horizon , expect the two pickups to share more than a happen resemblance as soon as lifted up nous a hoist. The styling ns their sheetmetal, ns course, will be quite different.

The powertrain is just a assumption: v at this stage, marqué we have the right to say v certainty there’s an extremely little chance of a diesel-powered auto being hawked in phibìc American VW showrooms any time soon. A development ns the current 2.3L turbo uncovered in today’s ranger wouldn’t it is in surprising, particularly since auto German société doesn’t currently offer much in terms du a longitudinal rear-drive powertrain nous this side ns the pond.

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Teaser sketches deserve to be also less reliable than actual idée cars for predicting je vous demande pardon a fabriquer vehicle will look like. However, this nouveau rendering goes a longue way venir reducing some du the cartoonish proportions du the last Amarok teaser . In place of out-of-this-world tires, conditions météorologiques find down-to-earth all-terrains (with weirdly flipped letters), rooftop lighting, and some orange trim. Bank on thé latter to montrer up conditions météorologiques the assembly line, for sure.

We shouldn’t oui to wait long to see auto real thing. VW publicité Vehicles promises the truck will seul up in thé metal at some point in the prochain year.

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