Ou Acheter Une Carte Cadhoc

No, you à faire not require to livre a watercraft tour à la reservations under 150 people. Elle can purchase tickets directly from auto ticket office antérieur à your cruise, 15-20 minutes avant the preferred departure time. Ticket purchased at thé ticket office or online are valid pour 2 years et can it is in used nous a date and time ns your choosing.

Do i need to book for Dining?

Yes, elle must livre to make certain you comprendre a table on-board.

How longue until ma reservation is confirmed?

For reservations made par telephone, confirmer of her reservation is sent immediately par email. For reservations fabriqué online, an email will certainly be ressentir within 24 hrs of confirmation of payment.

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What payment methods are accepted?

For payment in person: cash and bank cards (Visa, carte Bleue, Eurocard-Mastercard, American Express) et various giv Vouchers (Best, Cadhoc, ANCV travellers cheques, tournage groupé, Havas, JCB card). This vouchers can not be provided via the internet, change will no be given and they do not give auto right to any discount conditions météorologiques the public price. For payment online: visa cards, carte Bleue, Paypal, American Express. Payment over the phone: banque cards (Visa, atlas Bleue, Eurocard-Mastercard, American Express), banque transfers and vouchers (Best, Cadhoc, ANCV travellers cheques, tir groupé, Havas, JCB card).

Can je pay in person à la a Dining Cruise?

Yes, you can request to pay auto full balance in human being when making her reservation de telephone. Payment deserve to be made by any ns the different accepted payment methods. Parce que le online reservations, payment is take away immediately.

Can ns cancel or volonté a refund?

Reservations can be cancelled up venir 72 hrs in advance de the cruise date and can be refunded. If the services is no cancelled within this temps limit climate a refund will not it is in given. However, in auto event ns cancelling between 72 hours et 24 hours before the service, the daté may be changed jaune postponed par a hautement of 6 months et subject to auto availability of lentreprise des bateaux Mouches.

Can the num of a group of toutes les personnes be changed?

The définitif number ns guests have to be confirmed non later than le 3 clear functioning days antérieur à the cruise date et cannot be reduced passant par more 보다 10%. The alors of guests pouvez be increased but only subject venir prior approval.


Are the menus translated into est différent languages?

Oui, alger nos menus sont traduction en 10 langues : Français, Anglais, Allemand, Italien, Espagnol, Portugais, Russe, Chinois, coréen et Japonais.

Where can ns buy the photos taken avant or during thé cruise?

For watercraft tours, amie can acquisition your photographs nous the pier ns leaving thé boat. à la the restaurant, request your film directly on-board.

Can je reheat a baby’s party on-board?

Yes, bottles have the right to be reheated nous request during Dining Cruises.

Are over there vegetarian menus available on-board?

Yes, there room vegetarian options available pour each menus (starter, main course et dessert).

Are there alcohol-free menus?

Yes, alcoholic drinks can be substituted pour water and soft drinks nous request.

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Do you offer any type of menus pour special diet requirements?

Yes, ours vegetarian bowl are additionally vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free et nut-free.

Can children attend a Dining Cruise?

Yes, kids are welcome on-board. Conditions météorologiques provide unique lunchtime menus à la €29 and evenings at €68.

Do thé Dining Cruises include a guided tour?

Out ns respect à la our guest’s enjoyment du their meal, guests are listed with chemin maps et our employé is nous hand à answer any questions you pouvez have.

Is to dance allowed conditions météorologiques board auto dining cruises?

Every lunch and dinner cruise has live entertainment (accordionist at lunchtime, violinist and pianist in auto evening) and the dancefloor is open to all guests.

Is over there a dress codé for thé Dining Cruises?

Smart-casual dress is compelled at lunchtime. Smart dress is forced in auto evening. Guests will not be autorisé on plank wearing: sportswear, flipflops, bermuda shorts, baseball cap ... The la gestion reserves the right to refuser access nous board out du respect pour its guests.

Where à faire the bateau depart from et return to?

Our port ns embarkation et disembarkation is auto Port de la conférences located at thé Pont ns L’Alma, nous the appropriate bank. Parking is available parce que le guests jaune you can use one du the several means of public transport available nearby.


Are there any stops follow me the sortie Cruises?

No, thé length du the boat tour is 1 hour 10 minute without stops. Cette leaves from and returns to the Port de la Conférence, Pont aux l’Alma, best bank.

What prestations de service do bateau Mouches carry out on banque holidays?

We oui special menus à la the following events:- a Dinner Cruise on terne Valentine’s Day: 14th February, - a Dinner Cruise pour the French denchères Holiday: 14th July, - a Dinner Cruise for Christmas Eve: 24th December, - a Lunchtime Cruise on Christmas Day: 25th December, - a Dinner Cruise parce que le New year’s Eve: 31st DecemberThese dates are very popular so booking is essential. Auto special menus can be regarded online.

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Are pets allowed conditions météorologiques board?

No, pour health et safety reasons our bateaux do not enable any animals nous board, through the produire of instruire dogs.