Visited auto theatre to see Ghost: les Musical. Ns purchased mien ticket at the box office et the lady... Read much more


Really nice musical, through a rich, magic scenography, and some exceptional dances. Thé snow projected on the scene seems real. Auto vampires appearing tous around the theatre make amie feel INSIDE auto gothic atmosphere.

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I"ve loved the Polanski’s danse of thé Vampires movie and I was looking forward venir watching auto musical. It was fairly good cible not the le meilleur musical je saw : some vey great times marqué some boring too. You will have many times thé Bonnie Tyler biggest hit ‘ le total Eclipse to auto heat’ (Turn around) marqué in in between ball musique of french Romanticism or something favor that. Amie had meilleur not understand the lyrics, cette is a botched job. Thé movie was lot more an excellent humoured and witty.All auto performers space brilliants anyway et the théâtre is one de the best I’ve been. Not as some ns the in auto West finish (e.g. Thé Palace at Shaftesbury Ave) where amie need année appointment with a physiotherapist the suivant day.

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I love musicals!So once researching stuff to à faire in in Paris ns found a link on one forum parce que le the ,,Le bal des vampires,,-the théâtre was not tarif away from mien hotel and i decided ns must go,got a soft spot à la vampires:p (thanks twilight:p) so cette was seul straight 35 min walk from Ibis,Trinity church is beautiful,place ns Clichi is busy et the puissance was outstanding! My français is no that good,but as soon as the musique is great,actors amazing and voices drop-dead-gorgeous:p,who needs thé translation?!Enjoyed tremendously,actors to be coming through the hall tous the time,making scary faces at you:p and the henn vampire-what a voice!!!Would amour to sea it again some day.The théâtre itself looks good, old charm preserved,sits are comfortable.Locals space nice:p

I purchase tickets to this attrait knowing that ce was going venir be presented in français (and I aller not speack French), so je anticipated some difficulties to mien enjoyment ns the experience. Je was completely wrong! also though the fabrication was no in mien native lanuguage, auto expressive performances de the actors, et well oui the perfect execution of ne sont pas verbal cues completely eliminated all language barriers. It was also very useful that i had seen auto movie déditions of this disney production prior à viewing this performance, and so i could follow together with everything perfectly ont if it was being delivered in English. Oui is characteristic du disney, the attentif to detail was phenominal, and the entire experience to be magical. A important wonderful show.

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I can not be sure how much of d’origine 1913 théâtre is toujours present, cible I deserve to say that thé modern theatre has wide, deep, comfortable seats, great sight lines, and good sound/lights. Critically, there are sufficient Ladies" washroom stalls à prevent horrid lines. Concession is quick, et does a great espresso.We got an excellent next-day seats pour "La beau et les Bete" at a same price ... Steeper 보다 London, better than NYC. Langue was ne sont pas barrier! my limited french held up darn well, et I loved it. Mien travelling companions go not know a simple word, and they love it! One de us had seen deux travelling productions in the US et found this far-and-away thé best. It was ma first disney. Show, et I might not believe the quality de the stage craft. With a taxi stop seul a half bloquer away obtaining back venir the hotel was a breeze. Cette was seul a great night de theatre!For those through a danse or musique background amie can likewise revel in thé Mogador Theatre oui one de the eariliest resides homes du the Ballet Russe in Paris! ns just love ce when history and modernity collide in such pefect harmony. And musicians who ont done pit work could want à gaze into thé Mogador"s pit and wonder comment the orchestra have the right to work inthat excedingly deep and confined space.