Mercedes-AMG is seulement un releasing 130 du the S65 définitif Edition, and each gets a numbered badge.

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To affichage the end de the V-12 era, Mercedes-AMG is launching this critique Edition maquette of the S65 sedan, finish with stylish copper et carbon-fiber accents et a very limited run of seul 130 units easily accessible worldwide. Thé exterior will certainly be finished in Obsidian black Metallic paint and outfitted through matte bronze accents, bronze 20-inch wheels, and année AMG crest nous the rear roof pillar.

Inside, Mercedes-AMG stylists ont carried over auto black et bronze theme in a ethereal way passant par including black nappa leather with le cuivre stitching, carbon-fiber trim v black et bronze threads, copper-colored approximately lighting, et floor carpet with bronze details. The centre console lid likewise will attribute a "1 du 130" badge denoting the exclusivity de the critique Edition.


We reported last April that Mercedes-AMG would certainly be dropping the silky-smooth V-12 engine from thé S-class lineup once a redesigned maquette hit auto market. We"ve additionally seen spy photos of the prochain generation S-class ont recently as this month. The final Edition"s bow at the Geneva oser show is a noter that année all-new S-class must be seulement around thé corner.

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For thé record, we"re sad à see the car"s twin-turbocharged V-12 go. In auto AMG-branded S-class, cette makes 621 horsepower et 738 lb-ft du torque, good pour a 3.9-second rip indigenous zero to 60 mph at our test track. Although the proved to be slower than auto V-8–powered S63 sedan, there"s seulement something about thé V-12"s autographiés resonant warble that reasons goosebumps even at idle.

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The final Edition comes fully loaded with goodies such ont a summary sunroof through Mercedes" variable-tint Magic ciel Control feature, power-reclining rear seats, heated and cooled cupholders, a plethora of driver-assistance and infotainment features, and even a custom-fitted car cover through the final Edition logo.

Mercedes-AMG hasn"t announced pricing à la the définitif Edition, cible it won"t it is in cheap: A an in similar way equipped la norme S65 runs nearly $240,000. If you want à own one du the an extremely last 12-cylinder S-classes, appel téléphonique your de largent guy, importer your checkbook ready, et contact your locale Mercedes dealer.