Mariage Pour Tous Le Pen

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France’s first corrébration marriage was sealed in the southern city of Montpellier regardless of heated protests across auto nation. EPA/Gerard Julien

Another common form du protest is auto heckling du government ministers where they present. This kind of éclair protest is designed à keep the sortir in the public sphere and ensure ne sont pas respite à la the partie Socialiste.

Activists du Generation Identitaire, auto same ethno-regionalist movement that damaged into et demonstrated at thé Poitiers Mosque site climbed atop auto socialist party HQ, unfurling a bannière asking for Hollande’s resignation.

The most startling separation, personal, instance protest against the law was the death de Dominique Venner. A historian et recipient of année award from the prestigious Academie Francaise, Venner shot himself in notre Dame Cathedral.

The 78-year-old veteran ns the Algerian war et militant nationalist step left a suicide remarque in which he described his desire to shock france into a intérieur renaissance. Cette perceived attacks on the timeless family, massive non-European immigration to be the toxicomane slowly killing French and European civilization.

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There have been respond to protests by gay advocates et activists native Femen, though significant in number, they haven’t come fermé to thé proportions of Manif convecteur Tous.

The Police, thé Public et the PS

The life marriage under the new law developed this principale between vincent Autin et Bruno Boileau. Thé PS’s minister parce que le women, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, remained in attendance, as were members de the lytic police.

The latest polls suggest 53% of voters soutien the legalization of gay marriage, indicative du the contentious nature of the law.

The issue of cadrages adoption, much more divisive than gay marriage, is yet to be addressed in auto parliament.

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For many, France, et particularly Paris, symbolizes the urbane, et cosmopolitan. However, there is un autre France. A conservative, Catholic, local France: a france deeply installed in traditionnel often at odds v social and economic liberalism.