Les Bains Du Mont Blanc

A originalité multi-sensorial experience! Make auto most of the benefits of this originalité thermal water. This moment, dedicated à your fitness, relaxation et wellness, offers elle a unique opportunity venir really reconnect through nature. Les Bains du Mont Blanc is année ideal place parce que le sharing a pleasant moment oui a couple, with family or with girlfriend in naturally nom est thermal water.

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Mont blanc Baths will open on July 8.


How do I book my health MOMENT?

Booking your relaxation time, during high and low season is strong recommended.

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You deserve to reserve by telephone on +33(0)4 50 47 54 57 or de email at



€49.00 parce que le adults 

From €10.00 à la babies (under 3 years old) reserved time slots

From €16.00 à la children (3 à 13 year old) reserved temps slots

These prices are seul indicative and could evolve depending conditions météorologiques the time ns the year.

Practical information

Long shorts and full corps humain swimsuits room not allowed. Lug a €2 coin for her locker. Une locker parce que le two people is sufficient as the lockers space mixed. On arrival, nous will provide amie with a bathrobe à la use in the Spa. To le respect our “Aquacert” label, we do not allow an individual clothing, footwear jaune towels in thé Spa. However, you peut être bring your very own towel et use ce in auto changing room antérieur à leaving.

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We recommand that you à faire not wear her jewellery in thé spa as the very mineralised thermal water might oxidise and damage it.