La bataille de vienne 1683 film streaming

Hairstylist and designer Charlie ns Mindu took up residence in the studios to produce a headpiece habitent on camera, in a studios space decorated passant par illustrator Stefan, toutes les personnes the when chatting with viewers end the habitent stream Q&A. The creative process culminated in a live performance passant par French speculative art-punk band ns Chatte. Watch année edit du the deux day-long event.

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Hairstylist and designer Charlie le Mindu took up residence in the studios to create a headpiece live on camera, in a studio space decorated par illustrator Stefan, all the when chatting v viewers end the live stream Q&A. The creative procedure culminated in a live performance passant par French speculative art-punk band la Chatte. Watch année edit of the deux day-long event.

101 Q&A Posts

12 MAR 2010. 19:22

Q. AWSOME ! have a joli evening u toutes les personnes there ! ;)A. yeayyy

12 MAR 2010. 19:18

Q. or reduce coca cola prefer 75% to get kinda thick syrup et pour it over jambe like ice cream cible also sandwiches et shit... Would tu like ce Charlie? would you?A. Ö god u r so vulgar u r shocking a little girl like moi x

12 MAR 2010. 19:12

Q. LA hanche LA hanche LA fanny LA fanny LA hanche LA chatte LA hanche LA chatte LA chatte LA fanny LA fanny LA fanny LA fanny LA hanche LA chatte LA CHATTE!!!!!A. oui

12 MAR 2010. 19:11

Q. Is La chatte playing in London?A. correct NOW

12 MAR 2010. 19:10

Q. Why are amie bossing anyone around?A. I être THE BOSS

12 MAR 2010. 18:48

Q. faire you males like bleach? bleaching things, arbitrarily items...the smell of it, thé vibeA. ns COURSE! J'ADORE BLEACH!!!

12 MAR 2010. 18:35

Q. ns wanna eat that rat. And you charlieA. o yes

12 MAR 2010. 18:22

Q. Can i buy the painting????A. je don't think it will be here after today?! : (

12 MAR 2010. 18:21

Q. Please parlez me, quel are thé rats for, merci Charles.A. you will see at auto end!

12 MAR 2010. 18:10

Q. richie we amour you.A. hey wuvz yoow

12 MAR 2010. 17:55

Q. hi charlie je think u r amazing and richie is so hot but peu little that ns a dead vava is really nom est i want sa ! how much for the toutes les personnes lot?A. as well much

12 MAR 2010. 17:38

Q. quel your fave, couleur noire or blonde?A. ginger

12 MAR 2010. 17:35

Q. what's auto name ns the graphic artist?A. stefan elefan scherszmarn

12 MAR 2010. 17:30

Q. to be ist "Le MINDU?"??! a nouveau dessert?A. Yeah quel else?

12 MAR 2010. 17:25

Q. je hope you die soon?A. FAJ! T-shirt passant par Fanny and Jessy!

12 MAR 2010. 17:14

Q. you should deffo get a enregistrement contract!A. Universal!!!!! it s meilleur than florence et the device innit!

12 MAR 2010. 17:05

Q. can conditions météorologiques see your face bit more pls, parlez us a story!A. ce s hilarious here!!!!

12 MAR 2010. 17:01

Q. IrritatingA. U oui herpes?

12 MAR 2010. 16:58

Q. Why are tu not doing ce yourself ?A. Because ns leave thé boring stuff to ma interns awww

12 MAR 2010. 16:56

Q. Adam and Tree would certainly like venir know how you feel around Celine Dion.A. I'm not sure Vava said elle is beautiful cible I'm not so into elle ahah

12 MAR 2010. 16:53

Q. Did elle put those crystals on individually? or faire they come in a strip?A. Richie put them conditions météorologiques individualy

12 MAR 2010. 16:51

Q. cette looks haricot de soja cool.. Fine done.. What's your favourite colour?Stavros Machine-A xA. bigout

12 MAR 2010. 16:51

12 MAR 2010. 16:47

Q. A souper with thé hair wig!! hey!A. soon soon

12 MAR 2010. 16:44

Q. c je qui orient la ceinture charnelA. c koi accent facebook vite et ns tel please nous t aime

12 MAR 2010. 16:37

Q. magic! thanx!!A. ahhahaha conditions météorologiques re havoing drôle here

12 MAR 2010. 16:32

Q. Is charlie also "fan ns cosmetique"?A. seul when I'm alone in mien bedroom

12 MAR 2010. 16:25

Q. fuck moi - give je some scissors & I'll do it myself.A. what to cut your hairy anus? certain i parmi eux want to à faire it. U can à faire that yourself x

12 MAR 2010. 16:21

Q. when is the performance starting? will certainly vava wear the wig?A. correct vava is going to wear thé wig

12 MAR 2010. 16:17

Q. so glamorous et hypi doupi ahahA. haha

12 MAR 2010. 16:17

Q. conditions météorologiques ta reconnue!A. VAVA

12 MAR 2010. 16:15

Q. introduce a movie ?A. correct shcizophrenie 1970 français movie

12 MAR 2010. 16:08

Q. Hey!! song are cut or...?A. No cette s natural

12 MAR 2010. 16:05

Q. yes, really was enjoying tous this until elle came on.... I wish je had ne sont pas earsA. everyone is scared of his mum

12 MAR 2010. 15:58

Q. why has ne sont pas one excellent a poo yet?A. yeah in your pants...

12 MAR 2010. 15:31

Q. Chris et stephanie want jamie to aller a little dance.A. non because vava is performing now!

12 MAR 2010. 14:47

Q. hEy chaRLie! faire yOu answeR ma questiOn?A. yes

12 MAR 2010. 14:44

Q. Send my amour to VAVA! Is elle there in the studio? Kisses amie SiouxA. KISSES earlier VAVA

12 MAR 2010. 14:32

Q. hi there! frais work ongoing! did conditions météorologiques miss ns Chatte's performance?A. coming soon

12 MAR 2010. 14:32

Q. So à faire you reckon you're gonna be finished today?A. sure soon!

12 MAR 2010. 14:21

Q. so what is auto idea ns LIVEstudio ? tell je please ?A. to GIVE people THE OPPORTUNITY to WATCH ARTISTS et PERFORMERS live AT WORK...

12 MAR 2010. 14:06

Q. Hey Charlie! comment many wigs à faire you own??A. also MANY! je CAN'T count OFF ma HEAD

12 MAR 2010. 13:31

Q. Your soja calm! ... How refreshing!A. Cher's a an excellent influence...

12 MAR 2010. 13:30

Q. What time will Vava perform?A. 4 parce que le tea time!!

12 MAR 2010. 13:22

Q. is dalston going to make année appearance?A. yes Gaga's holding that in the background...

12 MAR 2010. 13:19

Q. this is the most stupid ns idea ever , what the reason ns show the studio except thé advertising listed below that . I être relay sorry functioning with est différent people is great à make it oui big brother thing cette is relay sad .A. i don't think amie understand thé idea ns LIVEstudio...

12 MAR 2010. 13:07

Q. is that ma glue gun?A. that IS THIS?

12 MAR 2010. 13:06

Q. when's charlie going to do an art gallery performance/exhibition in paris?A. THERE space PLANS pour THE FUTURE... CHRIS...

12 MAR 2010. 13:06

Q. do you aller your very own hair?A.

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12 MAR 2010. 13:06

Q. hi richieA. HI!

12 MAR 2010. 13:02

Q. ns can see cette now...yay! rotate kap up!!A. Cher's turn!

12 MAR 2010. 13:00

Q. charlie je haven't seen you go for no1 jaune no2 yet. Aller you no need the toilet breaks?A. ns just aller it in mien pants

12 MAR 2010. 12:42

Q. oh NO! he's gay?!?!?! :( we amour him......A. haha

12 MAR 2010. 12:15

Q. OMG that is that hot young homme helper with auto bleached hair?!?!?!!?A. O my GAY

12 MAR 2010. 11:59

Q. i cant see cette ... :-(A. fix cette !x

12 MAR 2010. 11:54

Q. as soon as will this habitent performance it is in ?A. all day long

12 MAR 2010. 11:53

Q. cosmique cosmetique fukk yeahA. yaya

12 MAR 2010. 11:48

Q. wherein did you get the rats native ???A. from the pet shop there currently DEAD they use them venir feed snake. Will certainly didn ns kill them ne sont pas worries.x lock cute not they?

12 MAR 2010. 11:29

Q. je think your going venir run out du time!A. non of course not

12 MAR 2010. 02:21

Q. this is amazing, will amie please make some video footage please?A. hehe

11 MAR 2010. 19:11

Q. deserve to that guy be hired to paint mien room through those drawings?A. yep £1000 année hour babes

11 MAR 2010. 18:28

Q. tu peux faire une perruque convecteur mon hamster stp?A. comme biensur

11 MAR 2010. 18:04

Q. This is a pretty longue stretch of constant work. What's your usual working saint when you're creating a head piece? What's your perfect setup?A. i never sleep

11 MAR 2010. 16:55

Q. je love the anus catA. thanks me too

11 MAR 2010. 16:52

Q. Charlie, whats her favourite mode magazine? je like Dazed sometimes.....A. i don't know

11 MAR 2010. 16:46

Q. je vous demande pardon is thé name de your polystyrene head? she's beautiful.A. she is dubbed Anna Wintour.

11 MAR 2010. 16:13

Q. OUIIIII!!! CHOUCALETTE?!!A. haha doudou

11 MAR 2010. 16:07

Q. comment are auto Swarovski Crystals going à be implemented into thé overall headpiece?A. Swarovski Crystals je keep it parce que le the finish !

11 MAR 2010. 15:38

Q. who's head would you amour to adorn many from England?A. the queen

11 MAR 2010. 15:32

Q. à faire you ever wear wigs yourself?A. yep everyday, I'm bald

11 MAR 2010. 15:24

Q. I cant shave it ns would look favor a manA. ne sont pas u ll look prefer grace jones

11 MAR 2010. 15:14

Q. Why faire you boire buxton?A. Because ns m waiting parce que le the champagne!

11 MAR 2010. 15:07

Q. Gypsies,Tramps and thieves is ma favouriteCher song, how did tu know? ns also choose Jesse james si you have thatA. x

11 MAR 2010. 15:03

Q. quel is her favourite haute valeur song?A. Gypsies tramps thieves

11 MAR 2010. 14:54

Q. walk you get some trousers?!A. no ns undon ma buttons

11 MAR 2010. 14:52

Q. elle use mice and rats in your work, si you could get your hands on a chinchilla would tu use the too?A. well si it s dead already or vintage i use it je don't kill animal for the sake ns their fur. But ont i m french i love fur!

11 MAR 2010. 14:50

Q. Gaga jaune vava? who is bestA. VAGA GAVA

11 MAR 2010. 14:49

Q. do you favor afro hair ive gained afro hair and i cant do femme with itA. Shave cette eheh

11 MAR 2010. 14:38

Q. Chindu you have great taste in the music! LOVEIT. Haven't heard any haute valeur yet thoA. Wait it's comes specialy for ya!

11 MAR 2010. 14:32

Q. 70s erotic star, Brazilian or Hollywood? Which have to I go for?A. Brazilian ! of arttaserse !!!

11 MAR 2010. 14:21

Q. oui you ever before had a mistake conditions météorologiques your own hair? that is very vert at auto moment, is that nous purpose? ns bleached mine an it all fell out.A. à really is cette green? oi thought it was black maybe je should faire it again . It s cool when ce fells the end with thé bleach chimio look at xx

11 MAR 2010. 14:20

Q. whats à la lunch charlieeeeeA. no lunch I'm anorexic

11 MAR 2010. 13:48

Q. whose hair in the world is her favoruite, past or present? I'm a super fan du Viv Westwood's Orangina bonce.A. coûteux is a goddess ns wigs

11 MAR 2010. 13:42

Q. Re. Elnett tattoo - ouvert CHARLIE je KNOW all YOUR SECRETS. You've couper my hair.

11 MAR 2010. 13:29

Q. Hows the really fit guy the Helps you make your Wigs? The guy that aided with auto lips and the Rose? SOOOOOOO HOOOOTA. Haha he is called mark ! from fabriquer . Cette is mazing hey helps on toutes les personnes my collection!

11 MAR 2010. 13:21

Q. i went à see Gaga in Liverpool, ce was incredible, and seeing your piece parce que le her to be a big highlight! You've functioned with loads de amazing people, je vous demande pardon would amie say the highlight of your career so far is?A. I don t savoir yet

11 MAR 2010. 13:15

Q. i think tu should montrer the world your Elnett tattoo Charlie. It's a beautiful thing.A. how you à savoir i have that?

11 MAR 2010. 13:11

Q. Stefan's boobs are fixé guy.A. there fake he got implants

11 MAR 2010. 12:55

Q. je think your stuff would go down a storm on the Gipsy wedding circuit Chaz, tu want to investigate the they salary a bundle. Http:// ns WANT TO aller !!!!

11 MAR 2010. 12:49

Q. oui you ever before used Balmain hair extensions? I'm debating getting some myself and wondered si they were much cop?A. chef T sait THISX

11 MAR 2010. 12:47

Q. Is ce true the you saint Jodie Harsh's wigs et they tous come indigenous Argos?A. hahaha no je don't think lol

11 MAR 2010. 12:46

Q. Is there any person who hair you'd many like to faire or develop a piece for?A. Cher

11 MAR 2010. 12:46

Q. where did you comprendre the towel from? Is cette a Brickers Lane or Ridley road number?A. haha u ont to guess marqué it s near that

11 MAR 2010. 12:45

Q. hi charlieee - je saw yr mum naked as well & cette made me directly think ns had venir be a gardener! stefan from mexico xA. o cool cf have u see auto work ns did conditions météorologiques u ns dad?

11 MAR 2010. 12:45

Q. ah I amour mindu song. Uyou should sing an ext often below yes!A. BAAAA

11 MAR 2010. 12:42

Q. comment was ce creating the hair monster for GAGA?A. JUST amusant GAGA'S FUN

11 MAR 2010. 12:30

Q. IS the a wedding dress you're making charlie?A. surprise

11 MAR 2010. 12:28

Q. what is thé artist drawing nous the studios wall, and do tu often work-related together?A. he is cool he interns à la me hey does toutes les personnes my illustration! cette is amazing

11 MAR 2010. 12:27

Q. blonde jaune brunette?A. white

11 MAR 2010. 12:09


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Charlie, wherein did your attention in hair at first come from? ImogenA. Wahou it s a longue story when i saw my mum naked ns directly thought je had venir be a hairdresser