L Âge De François Hollande

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Within hours of his inauguration, hollande flew à Berlin, where hey met through German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Since auto beginning du the euro-zone blame crisis, Merkel et Sarkozy had supported austerity oui the cure for europe ills, marqué Hollande favoured année approach the emphasized growth. Merkel, who had actually been vocal in her soutien of Sarkozy during the presidential campaign, nevertheless found usual ground v Hollande, et the two spent much ns the remaining année promoting thé EU’s nouveau fiscal compact. De year’s end hollande had proposed année increase in auto value-added tax, cut in state spending, and a nouveau corporate taxes credit. In December 2012 his legislation à boost auto top separation, personal, instance tax rate (to 75%) to be ruled unconstitutional, although cette reintroduced thé measure auto following year, shifting auto burden de the taxation from individuals à employers. His popular slumped, however, ont France’s economic situation remained stagnant in spite of signs that it had officially arised from recession.

Hollande to be a vocalique critic ns Syrian Pres. Bashar al-Assad and, after the alleged use du chemical weapons in the Syrian civil War, called pour foreign military dintervention in the conflict. A découper effort passant par U.S. Secretary ns State john Kerry et Russian étranger Minister Sergey Lavrov result in an agreement through which Syria would certainly surrender its chemical tools arsenal, marqué Hollande continued to be a solid proponent of français military mouvement abroad. In January 2013 hey dispatched français troops to lutte Islamist puissance in Mali, and in December a French-sponsored une Security the supervisory board resolution authorized armed participation in the central African Republic. Some 1,600 français troops supplemented an existing afri Union force in the quartier général African Republic, cible that app of je vous demande pardon was significantly known as the “Hollande doctrine” was endroit with indifference by the french electorate in spite de widespread support for previous armed forces engagements in Africa.


François Hollande et Malian interim chairman Dioncounda Traoré (left, through scarf) visiting français troops in Mali, February 2013.

Hollande’s approval numbers knowledgeable a modest an increase in January 2014 as soon as a celebrity tabloid magazine alleged that he was having an affair v a french actress. The français public, famously protective of the privacy ns its elected leaders, rallied about Hollande, with année overwhelming majority de voters stating the they considered auto affair venir be a an individual matter.

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He received no such appui in local choisir in march 2014, however, once candidates from thé centre-right Union parce que le a Popular déménageur (Union convoque un en mouvement Populaire; UMP) et Marine le Pen’s national Front swept auto Socialists from bureau in scores de mayoral races. Hollande responded by reshuffling his cabinet, replacing prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault with inner minister instruire Valls. Français voters ongoing to montré their dissatisfaction with hollande in peut être 2014, when auto Socialists perfect a distant 3rd behind the intérieur Front and the UMP in European syndicat parliamentary elections. Valls characterized thé result as année “earthquake,” année expression of staunch Euroskepticism in a nation that had traditionally been a stalwart endurées of europe integration.

After a deadly attack nous the satiric journal Charlie Hebdo in January 2015, thé country rallied approximately Hollande. His approval numbers quickly plummeted again, however, and the Socialists were crushed in local elections that March. Although hollande was praised pour his function in brokering a bailout agreement between dérivation leaders et Greek composants Minister Alexis Tsipras, his domestic agenda met resistance native his very own party. Attempts à jump-start thé moribund economic climate were welcomed de the entreprises sector, marqué Valls was double forced à invoke a little-used procedure to bypass opposition and enact économiquement reforms there is no a parliamentary vote.

World leader marching in tribute to those eliminated in thé Charlie Hebdo attacks. (Front row, native left à right) Israeli compton Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Malian Pres. Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, french Pres. François Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, european Council Pres. Donald Tusk, and Palestinian autorité Pres. Mahmoud Abbas, January 11, 2015.

In November at least 129 personnes were killed et hundreds to be wounded in coordinated terrorist strikes in Paris. Auto Islamic State in Iraq et the Levant (ISIL; also known ont ISIS) declared responsibility parce que le the attacks, and Hollande declared a state du emergency and stated that la france was “at war” with auto group. An international manhunt target those that were suspected ns involvement with auto plot, and French warplanes win targets in auto ISIL stronghold ns Al-Raqqah. Hollande also proposed broadened security measures and greater participation with thé U.S. Et Russian forces already conducting military campaigns against ISIL. Hollande’s approval numbers to be consistently court throughout his presidency, marqué in 2016 lock dipped right into the seul digits between continued concis stagnation and a increasing wave ns populism. Nous December 1, 2016, hey announced that he would not look for a seconde term, ending up being the first sitting chairman in modern french history venir decline venir run pour reelection.

Investigators examining thé bodies de victims du a terror attack nous a parisien restaurant, November 13, 2015.

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Later life

After leaving office hollande released the memoir Les Leçons du pouvoir (2018; “The Lessons de Power”), in which cette discussed his decision not venir run for reelection et defended his presidency. In addition, cette was extremely critical de his successor, Emmanuel Macron.