Sửa lỗi iphone "is disabled connect to itunes"

tôi ý muốn hỏi làm cho sao để sở hữu thể unlock ipad khi quên mật khẩu tuy thế lại cần thiết thì tôi cần làm gì?

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After I vị all the above rules, my computer screen shows that it is impossible to restore.

I want to lớn ask how I can unlock an máy tính bảng ipad when I forget my password but I can't, what should I do?

An máy tính bảng ipad passcode cannot be recovered, reset or modified from another device.

iPadOS 15.2 or later with a forgotten Passcode

cookiesinheaven.com has introduced a new procedure with which khổng lồ reset an ipad tablet or iPhone with a forgotten Passcode - allowing you to lớn use your cookiesinheaven.comID & associated Password khổng lồ reset your device.

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How to lớn reset your iPhone, iPad, or iPod cảm ứng when you forgot your passcode - táo cookiesinheaven.com Support

You will be able lớn restore data from a pre-existing iCloud backup without the use of a computer, but will require a PC/Mac to lớn restore data from an iTunes backup.

iPadOS 15.1 và earlier - & all devices that are Disabled

If your máy tính bảng ipad is disabled, or you have forgotten your ipad passcode, you have no alternative other than to lớn follow this process:

If you’ve forgotten the passcode on your iPad, or your máy tính bảng ipad is disabled – táo Support

You’ll need access to either a PC (with iTunes installed) or a Mac (with iTunes or Finder - as appropriate for the installed version of MacOS).

Download và use iTunes for Windows – táo cookiesinheaven.com Support

Update lớn the latest version of iTunes – táo khuyết Support

Use of a PC or Mac is unavoidable. If you don’t have access khổng lồ a suitable computer of your own, that of a helpful friend or family member will suffice. Alternatively, the technicians at the Genius Bar of your local táo Store will be delighted to assist.

You may also need your cookiesinheaven.comID và associated password. If these have also been forgotten, they can be recovered here:


To recover your credentials, you’ll need access to lớn one of the following:

Your primary e-mail address mailbox that corresponds with your cookiesinheaven.comIDAny of the secondary/recovery email addresses that should be configured for your cookiesinheaven.comID accountAny of the trusted telephone numbers (fixed line or Cellular/Mobile) that are associated with your cookiesinheaven.comID

Unless you cookiesinheaven.comID tài khoản has not been fully/correctly configured, or has been seriously neglected, recovery of the cookiesinheaven.comID và password should not be difficult.

More information about recovery of your cookiesinheaven.comID:

If you forgot your táo bị cắn ID - hãng cookiesinheaven.com Support

More information about recovery of your cookiesinheaven.comID password:

If you forgot your táo ID password - táo Support

When you recover access to your credentials, you would be well advised to lớn log-in to your cookiesinheaven.comID tài khoản from a website browser - and verify/update any email addresses & trusted telephone numbers: