Google frequently hops in between each I/O année to se concentrer on one of two people hardware or software news, et this année brought nous more devices than we got indigenous 2018. Currently that auto keynote’s wrapped, nous can confirm a few rumors from auto past few months: thé Pixel 3A is real, oui is auto leaked Nest plaque Max smart display. There is additionally a slew ns announcements nous what’s à come indigenous Android Q when cette officially comes to consumers later this year et some to update coming soon to thé Google Assistant.

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Here space some du the best highlights.

The Pixel 3A and 3A XL marche on badiner today

The cheaper Pixels are main with auto Pixel 3A and 3A XL that, yes, come with headphone jacks. (Cue furious applause.) the phones start at $399, et they come with auto advanced caméra features that thé Pixel line has been well-known for, including features like Night Sight, super Res Zoom, et portrait mode on both the rear- et front-facing shooters.

soja what does auto lower price provide up? auto less pricey Pixel misses out nous premium features like waterproofing and wireless charging. And while Google is offering free Google des photos storage conditions météorologiques the cloud, auto quality uploaded from the Pixel 3A gadgets will be limited to high top quality instead of full resolution.

The new Pixels will be offered in three colors — black, white, and purple — and they will certainly be readily available at principale carriers prefer Verizon, T-Mobile, et Sprint (notably, not AT&T!), and sold in 13 divers countries starting today.

The Nest plaque Max is a smart screen with a camera

Google announced that auto Google loger line will currently be rebranded under thé Google nid umbrella, and it announced a new product à la the line: auto $229 Nest moyeu Max. Auto device is basically a combination of the nid camera, Google page daccueil Hub, et the Google loger Max, giving a protection camera, clever display, et loudspeakers all in a single gadget.

Photo par Vjeran Pavic / thé Verge the most interesting thing about thé device is that, unlike the patrie Hub, cette now has a camera built-in. The camera can also perform facial recognition venir bring up personalized results between members ns your family, with the entreprise noting that processing happens locally, so ne sont pas facial les données is transmitted over the web. The Nest hub Max will venir later this summer.

Android Q beta le3 drops: dark Theme, a new numérique Wellbeing mode, clever Reply

You have the right to download the latest Android Q beta today, which currently offers dark Theme parce que le every standard Android app. Conditions météorologiques saw this in auto early Android Q beta, cible we were unable venir turn cette on / off. Now, amie can select the inverted application colors manually or turn cette on making use of battery saver mode. The Verge’s executive, management editor Dieter Bohn had actually a chanceux to shot this out, and he sûr the couleurs are a true black, not foncé gray, which might be able venir help more reduce battery power.

Following last year’s release of numérique Wellbeing, Google is adding a nouveau feature called focus Mode. Instead du the Wind Down fashion that grays out thé screen, Focus mode lets you select details apps that amie want to avoid using during a period du time and only disable those. Family members will likewise be able to soon link accounts between parents et kids, so parent can set those applications limitations à see what apps their kids are spending auto most temps on.

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In Q, clever Reply will also begin being offered in third-party messaging apps — similar à what Google had tested at first with a standalone answer app. It can likewise offer said actions, such ont opening Google cartes when ce sees a message about commutes jaune address.

Android will shortly offer habitent subtitles on all videos

Google is bringing live Caption to tous videos. When amie watch a video, whether it’s nous your caméra roll, on an app / the web, or even vidéos chats, Google can soon begin including subtitles venir what is being said best underneath. The entreprise says it’s built this pour people who are deaf jaune hard ns hearing, but some personnes might also use this once they’re the town hall videos in public et want à keep the volume meugler or when they’re on a call.

Live subtitle is also being included to téléphone portable calls, including a habitent transcription of the current conversation to assist those who pouvez be hard de hearing clearly understand what’s gift said.

Photo passant par Vjeran Pavic / thé Verge

Project Mainline aims to get you Android to update faster

Starting v Android Q, Google will begin releasing software application updates directly through the jouer Store instead of waiting conditions météorologiques phone manufacturers or carriers. Referred to as Project Mainline, Google says the nouveau system du updates will be offered in “modules” that help tackle details parts of a device, such oui “media components” for camera bugs, pour example. The should also prevent a pest update from screwing up est différent parts of the an equipment that’s not meant venir touch.

Google maps gets alias mode

As part of Google’s effort to try venir minimize location and search tracking, Google maps will shortly gain an Incognito mode for an ext private searches. This will certainly be available for both auto web and on thé app, et it comes seul a principale after the lentreprise announced that it will enable users venir automatically delete their location, web, and app task between periods of every three venir 18 months.

Photo: Vjeran Pavic / thé Verge

Google lens update

Google lens is gaining some update from last year, such ont being able to contextualize a restaurant menu or informations on a piece du paper. This year, Google says lentille can find for exact dishes on a menu and surface photos de that food based conditions météorologiques Google Maps information to seul you just comment it looks antérieur à you order. You can also point the camera at auto receipt to bring increase a calculator that allows you add a guideline then split the facture or at a sign in a étranger language venir hear a text-to-speech translate in live. Hovering Google lens over magazine that Google has actually partnered through can likewise bring images to life, such as a recipe conditions météorologiques Bon Appétit Magazine.

Google says these updates will certainly be roll out later on this month, and the translation will certainly be available in end “a dozen languages.”

Duplex is coming to thé web

Last year biggest news out ns I/O, Google Duplex, come across ont a peu of an afterthought this year, dodging concerns around the oui that deserve to make human-like phone call in her behalf par making cette unable à speak at all on année upcoming version for the web. In année early demonstration, Google says duplex can currently pull in her information and navigate thé web for you to book other fémur like car rentals and movie tickets. Rather of seul confirming a booking parce que le you, users deserve to scan auto auto-filled forms à approve what duplex has composed in avant moving forward.

All de this was packed into a segment about comment Google Assistant will just importer smarter in general, helping customers reply to messages, write emails (even topic lines), insert images in messages, jaune get directions to personalized results (mom’s house) de using seul your voice. It’ll also be obtainable in driving mode soon (not à be perplexed with Android Auto) to continuez functioning while it’s navigating on Google Maps. You will quickly be able venir make Google Assistant arrêter talking or blaring alarms by simply by saying “Stop” instead ns the full “Hey Google” prompt.

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All ns these voice functions were teased ont coming venir “new Pixel phones later on this year,” sauce soja interpret that cryptic statement oui you will.