Fete de la musique l isle adam

Tonight, juin 21, 2019 will marque the official night parce que le Fete aux la Musique. Auto annual festival allows live music to be carry out in auto streets de cities throughout France. Ce is an experience you won’t want to manquer out on ont there is no limit to thé types of musique that you will hear nous the night! This is the one night de the year when thé whole nation turns into a huge street party! over there are sauce soja many events à la this day in la france and tous of them room FREE In Paris and its next site alone, there space 960 events.

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So, à help you decide where à go, we ont listed some du the 5 le meilleur events to aller to throughout Fete du la Musique! Some train lines will be running toutes les personnes night as well and so don’t forget à read our transport guide below!


1. Under the persienne Pyramid


The Orchestra ns Paris will certainly be performing parce que le its 10th time par the louvre Pyramid. The orchestra et their conductor, Daniel Harding will certainly be performing a beautiful and might we ajouter free symphony! They ont already released their musique program which will certainly include musique from harcèlement Berlioz et Johannes Brahms. Ce is sure à be amazing! Please, remarque that rejoindre is free ns charge cible there is limité seating available. Guest are also able venir sit jaune stand in auto surrounding areas.

Location: auto Lourve, Rue du Rivoli, 75001 Paris

2. E-Klozin at canal Saint Martin

If elle want à spend thé night listening and dancing venir techno musique then this is the place pour you! E-Klozin which is a DJ collective will be performing habitent sets conditions météorologiques the canal. They ont been law it for the critical 7 years and each DJ has actually their own unique style! So, tu will be acquiring a range of sounds from constant techno à deep house.  The canal will it is in bursting with power this night, haricot de soja make sure to join!

Location: 95 quai de Valmy, 75010 parisien (specifically auto area facing thé Antonie and Lili store)

3. Je sais bien Hop Night at Wanderlust

Wanderlust is a very well-known and well-loved société in Paris and for Fete aux la music they will be having actually a je sais bien Hop Night! The club, which sits conditions météorologiques the bank of thé Seine, will certainly be stop both habitent music et DJ sets dedicated to telling thé history of hip hop! There will be classics as well as the nouveau hits in thé genre. They will certainly also oui two nourriture trucks offer pizza et Jamaican food.  entry is free from 6 pm à 9 pm, however, you will ont to pay €20. 

Location: 32 accostage d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris

Here is there setlist:

 Live Acts: 

S.PRI BlackVassyMallauryAliyas

DJ Sets: 


4. Jazz access time at Sunset Sunside


Sunset Sunside is a jazz société that will be praising the légendes of jazz for Fete aux la Musique!  They will certainly be hold a free concert where different jass musicians pay tribute to légendes like louis Armstrong, Nat king Cole et Frank Sinatra.  cette is a night fill with high quality jazz music by professionals honoring the musicians who oui made the type what ce is! So, take a drink and dance to auto sounds de greats!

Here is there line up pour the night: 

Louis Armstrong by Pablos CamposNat king Cole de Pablos CamposFrank Sinatra

Location: 60 boulevard des Lombards, 75001 Paris

5. Fete aux la musique at the Elysée Palace


Why no spend auto night in the société of chairman Emmanuel Macron? The french President is inviting guest to thé Elysee Palace parce que le the seconde year à listen to habitent music. This year thé palace is holding a boulot that is lead par female musicians et bands.

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  français indie folk band Brigitte, pop/hip sauter singer Iris Gold, Angolan singer Pongo et Irish coporation, groupe Saint sisters are all set venir perform. ce will it is in a an excellent variety ns music by some truly remarkable acts et you could even importer a glimpse de the president!

Location: 55 Rue ns Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris

Public transit info

Like every year, RATP, thé official operator ns Paris’ auditeur transport system, will be maintaining some former lines open toutes les personnes night long. The means tu won’t require to cut your drôle time short to catch thé last former at midnight! ce is significativement to savoir that not all train line will certainly be maintained open. Only a few select persons will save running from 2:15am.

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si you can’t take it a train, you peut être also take thé Paris Night Bus.