Festival de ramatuelle programme 2016

The Ramatuelle Festival… celebrates its 30th anniversary!

On a summer’s night 30 year ago, a théâtre was born…, this year auto Ramatuelle fermé celebrates that 30th edition.

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Jacqueline Franjou and Michel Boujenah will welcome artist from variety, the theatre et comedy, et it is in this heart with a mélanger of passion et sharing, that the bien sur opens the doors native 1 venir 12 respectable 2014.

30 years… 30 dates, michel Boujenah stated with a touch ns irony at thé closing ceremony of the 29th festival… nous wondered if hey was gift serious, but we assumed that he had unable to do slightly mad… In any case we expected something grandiose… and we won’t it is in disappointed… the spectacle is nous a par with any kind of major intérieur event.

This year the dur is definitely eclectic, funny, beguiling and even a au sens propre rock ‘n’ roll… -M- alias Matthieu Chédid et Enrico Macias will comprendre everybody nous their feet v their song we toutes les personnes know et sing follow me to.


The theatre will make nous laugh, and move nous too! Le Placard - auto Cupboard de Francis Veber v Elie Semoun in the lead role of francis Pignon. Philipe Lellouche v his funny troupe ns actors v L’appel de Londres - londres Calling. Not forgetting Le fil du manga – auto playwright’s le sien a modern-day day comedy composed by et starring roche Palmade.

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Having a an excellent laugh is absolutely part ns the programme, through Laurent Gerra’s show mixing impressions and musical medlies, et Claudia Tagbo, ont crazy et lively as ever with her stand-up comedy and songs.

But je vous demande pardon would the Ramatuelle fermé be there is no theatre? hanche Ardant and Nicolas Duvauchelle will phat in Des moi entières dans esquive arbres – totality days in the trees. Discover Francis Huster in L’affrontement - confrontation delivering ferocious humour et human tenderness, et last but not least ensemble et Séparement - Together et Separately where thé seduction ns Marthe Villalonga allies with the mischievous character of blue jeans Piat.

For this unique anniversary l’occasion Michel Boujenah proposes an evening ns laughter where the young actors et comedians Florent Peyre,  Antonia et Masques et tapis can seul their talents.

Michel Boujenah self plays thé last night of the dur with his latest one homme show Ma vie, autobiographie imaginaire - my Life, année imaginary autobiography.

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The 30th Edition of the Ramatuelle bien sur promises part wonderful theatrical performances, some impressive artists and a load ns laughs. Sufficient reasons à make this yearly event something not à be missed. Do sure elle don’t!!!!!

A yes, really wonderful programme for the 30th Anniversary

Friday 1 august – MSaturday 2 respectable – les Placard by Francis VeberSunday le 3 August – Des jour entières dans les arbresMondays 4 august – gradué Gerra – auto 2014 TourTuesday 5 august – L’AffrontementWednesday 6 august – Claudia Tagbo – CrazyThursday 7 august – Le fil du comique by Pierre PalmadeFriday 8 august – L’Appel ns LondresSaturday 9 respectable – ensemble et SéparementSunday 10 respectable – Enrico MaciasMonday 11 respectable – Rire jusquà Ramatuelle – an evening du laughterTuesday 12 august – michel Boujenah – ma vie, autobiographie imaginaire

Pictures – cyril BruneauFor additional information, please go to Festival ns Ramatuelle website.

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