El diablo tour de france

Every ventilateur of bicycle races recognizes this fancy red devil, who always appear at a final stage ns famous bicycle tours. Known ont the red Devil de Tour aux France, Didi Senft is one de the most recognizable icons du cycle des sports in Europe.

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Who is the red Devil de Tour ns France?

Watching the Tour aux France à la the sapin time, you pouvez start à wonder who the hell this pull on in red tights and a horned couvercle mad-man can be. For seasoned fans, the red Devil, jumping around de the roadside, is an integral part ns every big bicycle race.

Inside the rouge Devil’s museum in Storkow

Didi ‚the Devil’ Senft, perhaps thé best-known ventilateur of the Tour du France, is a longtime cycling enthusiast. He’s likewise known ont „El Diablo” in Spain and „Der Teufel” in Germany. Parce que le a tons time, he appeared oui a adversary at auto Tour de France in 1993. During multi-day stage races, cette often travel ahead de the race. When auto cyclists passage by, Didi, in his red tights and a couleur noire cape, chases them venir appear in media.

Didi rouge Devil with the cyclists

What’s so special about Didi?

One ns the many iconic images of thé Tour de France is a crowd du (often dressed in sophisticated clothes) ventilateur cheering and running together riders as they climb auto mountain roads. Sauce soja why this white-bearded homme carrying a trident is haricot de soja recognizable? It’s thanks venir Didi’s story, his commitment et a dunicité gift to construct bizarre bicycles.

One du Didi’s bizarre and huge bicycles within the red Devil’s museum in Storkow

Didi typically arrives number of hours avant the riders, so cette can download his an elaborate bikes and paint auto road. He usually sets increase a couple of kilometers the end from the finish du a key mountain stage. Venir „prepare auto place”, cette often uses about 50 liters du white paint à draw tridents and bicycles nous the road. Occasionally the locale authorities are not yes, really happy about it. In 2006, throughout Tour de Switzerland, Swiss officier de police took part legal steps et Didi was forced venir pay a fine and remove the painting from auto road.

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The Devil’s Story

Didi used to cours bicycles in his youth, marqué because he was bondir in German democratic Republic, hey wasn’t able to travel to Western countries. Since then his biggest rêver was à be there, passant par the roadside, ont a spectator ns the Tour de France. Everything readjusted in 1989 when auto Berlin mur was traction down. Four years later on Didi was able à save enough de largent to travel venir France, et this is when thé legend du the rouge Devil ns Tour de France to be born. The devil has actually been at auto roadside du the la tour almost every année since then.

Photo in the rouge Devil’s musée in StorkowThe origin ns the name

In number of interviews, Didi admitted that during thé Cold battle era, cette used à secretly watch ouest German television, wherein the final kilometer of the Tour’s phase was often called „the rouge devil’s lap”. Rouge devil’s lap start under a red triangle-shaped fabric announcing one kilometer to aller the finishing line in races (the cloth is also called a “red kite”, or “flamme rouge” in French and it looks like that). This listed the extinction for his costume. Didi, haven’t seen any type of devil there, just decided to become one.




_Bicycle constructor

Didi the Devil has developed over 120 inexplicable bicycles. He’s likewise known parce que le his over-sized bicycles, which cette regularly takes à events. He is listed in auto Guinness livre of Records pour the biggest rideable bike in the world that he’s draft (7,8 meters long et 3,7 meters high!) and the largest téléphone portable guitar (taking thé form ns a bicycle). Many de his inventions have the right to be watched in his musée in Storkow, Germany.

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Didi auto Devil through a group of Polish travel bloggers et the largest téléphone mobile, téléphone portable guitar in auto world in Storkow, Germany

Retired Didi today

In his best days, Didi Senft could spend up to 100 days a année watching races et cheering the riders on. After much more than twenty years, most probably périmé to the health concerns (Didi underwent a surgical procedure in 2012) et a lack de enough sponsoring (he used to be sponsored by LUK clutches parce que le many years), Didi decided à hang increase his trident et retire pour some time. Luckily, in 2015 the red Devil was appointed ont a new brand ambassador à la Rockefeller – German producer of office et printer accessories, and he’s ready to appear in auto Tour du France once again.

The red Devil, auto cyclist, and the angevine