E-Commerce En France

The français E-Commerce Market

Does cette make sense to export to la france as année e-commerce company? Sooner or later every ambitious digital retailer will certainly ask self this question. In this cookiesinheaven.com, you can quickly et easily discover interesting facts et figures, characteristics, et other useful information about the french e-commerce market. This will help venir successfully expand your online business to France.

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Hard facts and trends of the french e-commerce market

France is auto third-largest european economy et is also the third-largest e-commerce market in Europe. The français are seulement un outperformed par Germany and Great Britain. Worldwide, la france ranks 6th among the largest digital shopping markets. In 2019, the revenue generated par online purchase in the B2C ar amounted à almost 59 billion euros. In 2020 this figure is expected venir rise à 69 billion euros. Virtual sales are therefore responsible for more than 12% du the total français retail trade.

In 2020, also tandis que to thé Corona crisis and the resulting increase in virtual purchases, there will be a substantial e-commerce growth de about 17.1% in France. In particular, thé months ns March et April, once there were strict measures à la the over-the-counter retail sector, contribute auto most à this far-ranging growth. In addition, e-commerce retailers will experience a large increase in orders, especially during the Christmas season de 2020. According to Statista, the e-commerce market in france is expected venir grow par around 6.5% yearly until 2024.

What must be particularly qui appartiennent for extension considerations of e-commerce suppliers is the Amazon"s prominence in france is not ont strong as in Germany or the UK. The français e-commerce marché is considered to be balanced and is specifically characterized par the presence ns numerous digital marketplaces.

Hard Facts:Population: 67 MillionsMegacities: paris (10.7), Lyon (1.7), Marseilles (1.6), lille (1)CO2 Emissions: 4.3 life per Capita


E-Commerce commercialisation in France

The French, favor any other nation, ont habits, habits patterns, et preferences that elle should be aware de as année online trader.

Social Media User: the most popular social network in la france still is facebook (38 million monthly users), followed passant par Whatsapp (31 million), Instagram (20 million), and Snapchat (19 million). Thé penetration rate parce que le TikTok (learn more about the Tiktok phenomenon in e-commerce) is 6.5 million. In 2019, approximately 70% de users have interacted with social media on a tous les jours basis.

Broadband Subscription:93.6% du the french had a broadband abonnement in Q4 2019 et thus access to the internet via HTTP et data speeds ns at least 256 kbit/s many thanks to auto generalization et transition à fiber optics embobinages in thé country.

Internet Penetration:Internet penetration within france is over 90%. La france is also ranked 3rd in the dérivation in the so-called linternet Inclusivity Index. Seul Denmark and Sweden perform meilleur in that regard.

Online Shopping:In 2019, 52% of français people have purchased products jaune services par online shopping. This illustration is listed below the dériver average du 55%. Est différent countries, such as the Netherlands (83%) are far ahead du France. However, this also way that france has good untapped potential. In this respect, the corona crisis can lead many personnes who have so frais been reluctant à shop online to take advantage of the substantial e-commerce offer.

A highlight et at auto same time an opportunity that digital retailers in la france should not échouer are the so-called français Days, which were launched in 2018 oui the français response to couleur noire Friday et Co. According venir a survey by IFOP, 43% du those questioned are likely jaune extremely likely venir shop virtual these days. Customers room planning to mainly purchase clothes, shoes, et accessories, however électrique appliances, cosmetics, et hygiene products and the like are also very popular.

French work 2021:27th of may - 2nd of june & 24th of September - 27th ns September

French job 2022:27of April - 2nd of peut être & 30th ns September - 3rd du October

Another exciting metric that every marketer has actually in mind is the conversion rate. Here cette should be noted that one du the peculiarities of the french market is the low CR. With an average value du 1.10%, it lags frais behind countries like Germany (2.22%), auto USA (1.96%) ont well as the UK (1.88%), and the Netherlands (1.78%). When starting out in France, une should therefore have realistic expectations in this respect in order to avoid unnecessary frustration.

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Preferred payment methods in France

Furthermore, according to Visa"s digital Payment Report, the num of client making payment via téléphone mobile, téléphone portable devices has actually tripled because 2015.

As an e-commerce merchant une should not underestimate thé relevance de the payment techniques offered. Castle have année immediate dommage on thé conversion price at checkout. This means tu can directly impacter the sales figures and turnover.

Especially famous in la france are thé so-called cartes bancaires, i.e. Banque cards. Castle are used in over 50% du e-commerce transactions. Furthermore, so-called numérique wallets room the seconde most popular payment an approach in français e-commerce. The le meilleur known et most renowned representative ns this group is PayPal. At thé same time, the fastest-growing method is banque Transfer. However, it is mainly relevant pour payments of gros sums of money. Thé use of banque Transfers is facilitated de the seul Euro payments Area (SEPA) immediate Credit carry scheme, released in 2017.

According venir the numérique Payment Report ns Visa, the number of client making payments via mobile devices has tripled due to the fact that 2015.

ChallengesIn France, oui in almost every est différent country, the main e-commerce difficulty is cybersecurity, i.e. Thé security ns online transactions et the prevention de fraud. Parce que le example, online payment simplifies auto fraudulent use ns third-party data. Nouveau tools and technologies, such as fingerprint recognition, will play année important function in the fight against such incidents in thé future. Ce is particularly significativement to give online shoppers a feeling ns security in e-commerce in France. After all, the français are among auto top three most cautious nations in each du the complying with areas:

Hackers steal les données (69%, 2nd place worldwide)Identity theft (49%, 3rd place worldwide)Scammers that steal de largent (56%, 3rd place worldwide)Accidental acquisition (39%, 1st carré worldwide)


Overview: Popular industrie in french E-Commerce

Particularly solid growth, partly ont a result du COVID-19, is expected in auto Snacks, personal Care Products, and Skincare & assembly segments. In addition, livre purchasing is also nous the increase again.

The 10 most popular e-commerce service providers in France, par online traffic*, are:

Amazon (~29.87 Mio. Monatl. User)Cdiscount (~19.62 Mio. Monatl. User)Veepee (~14.14 Mio. Monatl. User)Booking.com (~13.68 Mio. Monatl. User)Fnac.com (~13.37 Mio. Monatl. User)Carrefour (~12.63 Mio. Monatl. User)Oui SNCF (~12.40 Mio. Monatl. User)E.Leclerc (~11.68 Mio. Monatl. User)eBay (~11.34Mio. Monatl. User)Vinted (~10.87 Mio. Monatl. User)

*average traffic revenir month in 2019


E-commerce logistics in la france - je vous demande pardon you should consider

France is characterized by a particularly well-connected transport dinfrastructure The TGV high-speed former is seulement one de several examples du the progress fabriqué in this field. Moreover, the français government invests exorbitant sums every year venir remain competitive. In 2018, pour example, virtually 10 billion euro were invested in infrastructure, such as the construction et maintenance de roads.

In auto so-called Logistics performance Index, france ranked 16th in the last publication of auto World bank in 2018. The index is split into 6 categories: customizeds (efficiency de the authority), infrastructure, international shipping, logistics performance, traceability, et punctuality


In e-commerce, shipping and delivery ont a significant conséquences sur on auto success du online shops and customer satisfaction - this is likewise true in France. In fact, 62% of online shoppers take into consideration shipping venir be thé most considérable criterion when shopping online. 84% du respondents would certainly even changer the virtual shop à benefit native customized shipping options. 65% of online shoppers ont terminated auto purchasing process because auto delivery price was also high. à la this reason, 52% ns online shops share auto costs ns shipping through their customers. This is still not enough à la many customers. In fact, 36% du them discontinue thé purchase process if free shipping is not offered. Moreover, one in three français people expects complimentary shipping regardless ns the price, while seulement un 5% expect paid shipping for high-value orders.

Speed de DeliveryThe speed ns delivery additionally plays a decisive role in B2C shipping in times ns Amazon et Co., which ont significantly raised the la norme in this regard. In France, 32% du orders room shipped the same day, while 95% room shipped within two days de the order. Exact same Day Delivery, at 4%, is not yet at the level ce is in auto USA, parce que le example. Pour online retailers who ship much less than 50,000 parcels effronté year, auto average time from dispatch to parcel distribution is 2.8 days. This is where, with thé help du the ideal partners, amie can stand out from auto competition. Auto same uses to thé average wait time de 5.4 days between order and acceptance du the goods.

Shipping MethodsHome delivery is toujours the most renowned shipping method (85%), but deliveries à so-called pick-up & aller locations (68%) room also very popular in France, specifically when contrasted to différent countries. La france is even considered année international leader in this field. Ordered products are delivered to local shops, such ont supermarkets jaune petrol stations, from whereby they deserve to be collected par consumers.

Parcel Shipping ProvidersJust ont with payment methods, customers have different preferences when cette comes to parcel shipping prestations de service providers. This also have a directement influence on conversion rates et customer satisfaction. Auto Top 9 parcel distribution companies in france are:

La travail (French Post)Chronopost (belongs to la Poste)Colis PrivéKiala/UPSMondial RelayRelais ColisExapaqGLSUPSFedEx

According à e-commerceDB, online shops most frequently offer the prestations de service of ns Poste (61%), Chronopost (33%), et Mondial Relay (25%). Overall, ns Poste is responsible à la 45% de the shipments.

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WarehousesAs a taille industrialized country, la france already had actually 4,432 logistics centers in 2015. Thé total area du these warehouses to be already an ext than 78 million square meters. Most ns these logistics emplacements are located in thé Hauts-de-France and Île-de-France regions. Cette is fair to assume the this num has dramatically increased over thé last years.