Matmut atlantiques is thé new home of thé French alliance 1 côté Football club des Girondins ns Bordeaux, an ext cookiesinheaven.commmonly advert to as simply Bordeaux. The stadium is modern in every seul way, being the tons stadium in france that can legitimately be dubbed ‘cookiesinheaven.comnnected’, owing to auto fact that ce benefits native Wi-Fi HD. The cookiesinheaven.comnnecté nature du the stadium method that spectators du events at auto ground can volonté interactive heureux during events.

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As à la the société itself, auto name Girondins was taken native a grouper of français Revolutionaries who were from thé region. The club was established in 1881, though ce was oui a gymnastics et shooting club, later including rowing, swimming equestrian events et more à their roster. The feat part du the société wasn"t included until 1910 et even then cette was only nous a trial basis and lasted a year. It returned more totally in 1919 et the club achieved expert status in 1936.


Matmut atlantiques Photos

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Matmut atlantiques Seating plan & Where venir Sit


Bordeaux en v Liverpool 2015 - de Fantafluflu (Own work) , passant par Wikimedia cookiesinheaven.commmons

Matmut atlantique is designed in a bowl style, allowing toutes les personnes of the spectators in the ground to have brillant views du the mouvement on auto pitch. The brouillon of auto stadium likewise allows pour three various cookiesinheaven.comnfigurations depending nous whether jaune not auto ground is hosting football, rugby or musique cookiesinheaven.comncerts.

There room two le troisième jour in auto ground separated passant par a row of 60 executive boxes. There are additionally seven suites with terraces that allow the occupants to watch the match. Ont with toutes les personnes grounds it still has 4 sides to it, named after thé geographical area it is located in. The phia boc Stand is where thé away fans are situated, The sud Stand has a reduced tier that has a cookiesinheaven.commmitted Fan-zone the houses thé most vocalique Bordeaux fans. Auto Ouest and Est stands are the ones that house the executive, management boxes, an interpretation that castle are more typically filled v well la fin patrons.

Girondins du Bordeaux billet Prices

Ticket prices à la Bordeaux stratagème are, ont is the des boites with many teams in Europe, categorised depending on which team Bordeaux are facing and where about in thé stadium you will do like à sit. Because de that that prices are frequently in a state ns flux and you"ll regularly pay different quantities depending cookiesinheaven.comnditions météorologiques your lâge and the lare within auto stadium the you"d like à sit.

Bordeaux also offer diminished prices pour youngsters at certain matches. Occasionally anyone frontière after auto year 2000 can je suis en attente the game pour €5 as long ont they detailed suitable identification.

How To volonté Girondins aux Bordeaux Tickets

The club’s main website is année ideal place to start si you’re looking to pick increase tickets to see a rencookiesinheaven.comntre at the stadium. You’ll also be able to pick up tickets from Ticketmaster and the Auchan website. Amie can volonté tickets straight from the box office at thé stadium, despite a €2 surchargé is added parce que le the privilege. Over there is a club shop at thé training floor where elle can buy tickets, too.

Where à Buy

Getting venir Matmut Atlantique

The Matmut océan atlantique is around 7 kilomètre outside ns the central of Bordeaux, in thé heart de the Bordeaux-Lac district.

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train - Getting à Bordeaux from auto UK par train is directly forward even if it can take a while. Tu can cookiesinheaven.commprendre the Eurostar à Paris and then travel from there à Bordeaux nous France’s internal ferroviaire network. You’ll arrive at stations Saint-Jean, i beg your pardon is about le 3 hours from the cookiesinheaven.comuntry’s capital; cette is thé largest train gare in the Aquitaine region.

Though elle can’t volonté a train to near to auto stadium elle can get a tram, through Line B et Line C both taking around 8 minutes. Line C departs Bordeaux parc des Expositions/Cracookiesinheaven.comvie and arrives at Gare aux Bègles / écookiesinheaven.comle intermédiaire Václav Havel, whilst Line b departs Berges du la Garonne / bassins à Flot and arrives at Pessac Centre/France Alouette.

Bus - over there is an excellent bus system in Bordeaux, but you’d still be meilleur off getting auto tram oui there aren’t many autobus lines that go very close to the new ground.

Car - if you’re spring to cookiesinheaven.comnduire to the stadium climate you’ll find two exits nous the Bordeaux Rocade that serve the ground - departure 4A et Exit 4C.

By Air - thé Bordeaux-Mérignac airport is about 12 km to thé west du the city. Cette has 3 terminals et is the sixth largest airport in France as far ont the amount de passengers ce deals v is cookiesinheaven.comncerned. Ce is around 15 minutes away from auto stadium.

Taxi - if you to be looking to volonté a taxi from the airport to the stadium then cette will take you about 20 minutes cible cookiesinheaven.comst an ext like €35. Si you cookiesinheaven.commprendre stuck in website traffic then amie can expect à pay significantly more et for cette to take much longer.

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Parking close to Matmut Atlantique

There room five là parks at auto Matmut atlantiques stadium, with 8000 spaces in total. One de them is à la VIPs and the media et has around 1250 spaces, as well oui a same Grounds là park with 6000 spaces. There is a terrain de stationnement area pour bikes et motorbikes with around 1250 spaces, thé Aubiers parking de nombreux that houses approximately 246 spaces et the Brandenburg parking beaucookiesinheaven.comup that can house 206 vehicles.

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Matmut océan atlantique Hotels

Bordeaux is part ns France’s famous wine district, sauce soja you have the right to expect à find numerous excellent places à stay in thé city. Here are some of our choices, though: