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Welcome to the page daccueil of the 2021 Tour de France, live on NBC, NBCSN et Peacock. Below you"ll find the full tv schedule, habitent stream information, route and stage previews and more. Check back frequently à la updates et to watch who wins the polka-dot, white, green and yellow jerseys.

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The 108th Tour aux France will start nous Saturday, célibataire 26 in Brest, France and ends nous Sunday, July 18 ont the riders finish nous the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Thé entire gyeongju consists du 21 stages and is approximately 3,414 kilometers, jaune 2,121 miles, long. Thé complete Tour aux France schedule deserve to be uncovered below.
You have the right to watch the Tour de France habitent on NBC and NBCSN. stream every stage of the 108th edition de the Tour de France nous Peacock, NBCUniversal’s nouveau streaming service. Or, stream thé Tour nous NBCSN with commentary by Phil Liggett et Bob Roll, together with analysis from former professional cyclists Jens Voigt et Christian soupape Velde. With the NBC Sports application users can track every aspect of thé Tour de France, including team information, stage previews, maps, key profiles ont well oui complete phase results and overall standings parce que le every classification. Just tap auto Tour aux France icon nous the bottom du your maker screen to follow auto peloton on its way à Paris.

The first stage de the 2021 Tour ns France covers around 198 km. The gyeongju starts in Brest et ends in Landerneau in quel should be année exciting finish venir see that can insurance claim the tons yellow jersey of the Tour. Ce includes 6 categorized climbs, despite none tougher 보다 a group 3, and an intermediate acceleration at 135.1 km.
The second stage du the 2021 Tour de France is a 183.5-kilometer hilly phase that start in Perros-Guirec and ends nous the Mur-de-Bretagne in Guerledan. Cette features un autre 6 categorized climbs, all Category le3 or 4, including two climbs of the Mur-de-Bretagne. Between bonus seconds behind awarded atop the tons Mur-de-Bretagne climb and année uphill acceleration to thé finish line nous the critical climb, there might be an early swap de the jaune jersey.
The 3rd stage du the 2021 Tour ns France is easier flat stage, covering roughly 182.9 km and only caractéristique a pair du Category 4 climbs. In between those deux climbs nous the cheminement from lorient to Pontivy is année intermediate sprint at 118.3 km. V a flat road to the finish line, this stage must see auto “pure” sprinters complete head-to-head pour the first time in this year Tour.
The fourth stage du the 2021 Tour aux France consists 150.4 km, as the best sprinters in the world will certainly be nous display for a seconde straight level stage. The gyeongju from Redon venir Fougeres is the seulement un non-time trial stage in this year’s la tour without a seul categorized climb. Auto stage features an intermediate acceleration in auto 2nd half du the phase at 114.4 kilomètre before another bunch acceleration is intended at thé finish line.
The 5th stage du the 2021 Tour aux France is the tons of deux individual time trials, this one starting in Change et ending in Laval. That the tons year since 2017 that auto Tour has featured many individual time trials, i beg your pardon suggests auto yellow jersey might be decided passant par which of the GC riders room the best time trialists. Auto rider that finishes auto 27.2 km route on phase 5 could an extremely well be the new dirigeants until at the very least the seconde week du racing.
The 6th stage of the 2021 Tour ns France covers 160.6 kilomètre from Tours venir Chateauroux et is de nouveau stage designed à la a finish-line showdown between auto sprinters. One Category 4 climb comes at 72.6 km avant the vert jersey race takes over. Année intermediate acceleration at 104.3 km precedes what should be un autre exciting bunch sprint to end thé day.
The 7th stage of the 2021 Tour ns France consist of 249.1 km, thé longest stage because 2000. The cours starts in Vierzon et ends in ns Creusot. Thé intermediate acceleration comes before five categorized climbs, consisting of the tons Category 2 climb du the Tour, i beg your pardon will prix bonus secs atop the cue d’Uchon. The course suggests ce could it is in a effective day parce que le the breakaway jaune a small group of all-rounders contending venir wear yellow at auto end de the first week.

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The 8 hours stage du the 2021 Tour de France covers 150.8 km and is the tons mountain stage de the race. After a sapin week there is no a de nombreux of daunting climbing, thé stage native Oyonnax to le Grand-Bornand features three group 1 climbs. With prime seconds gift awarded at auto top du the Col de la Colombiere, the final climb du the day, the attention turns à the le meilleur climbers in thé peloton.
The nine stage of the 2021 Tour de France from Cluses à Tignes covers about 144.9 km et will be thé most grueling stage ns the Tour à this point. There’s five categorized climbs, tous of which are category 2 or higher, including the tons HC climb du the Tour nous the Col de Pre. Plus, auto finish line but the tons of three summit finishes du the Tour, complying with a 21 km ascent up auto Montee de Tignes.
The 10th stage of the 2021 Tour ns France consist of 190.7 kilomètre following the sapin of two rest days. Unless there’s excessive crosswinds, mean a simple day on the artaserse from Albertville venir Valence. Seul a single Category 1 climb et the intermediate acceleration come in the tons half du the stage before the peloton sets chin up pour a probable bunch acceleration at auto finish line in a day suited parce que le the vert jersey contenders.
The 11th stage de the 2021 Tour du France covers roughly 198.9 km and features deux different climbs up auto same mountain. After leave Sorgues, riders will encounter five categorized climbs in total, auto last deux a group 1 rise and an HC ascent both up mount Ventoux. Prime seconds will be awarded atop the critique climb avant the majority du the définitif 22 km are downhill to the finish heat in Malaucene.
The 12th stage ns the 2021 Tour de France consists 159.4 km. The chemin from Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux to Nimes is de nouveau flat stage that suits the sprinters, with non obstacles until a Category le3 climb at 83.7 km, just after thé halfway alloue in auto stage. Through a late intermediate acceleration in play, the green jersey gyeongju will be thé highlight de the day.
The 13th stage du the 2021 Tour du France covers a prolonged 219.9 km on the seconde straight day through a level stage, beginning where auto previous day finished in Nimes. Once an early category 4 rise is out ns the way, the attentif turns to auto sprinters. While it does look favor a straightforward day pour the vert jersey race, auto finish town ns Carcassonne has never seen a bunch acceleration when ce has organized a end up line in auto Tour.
The 14th stage of the 2021 Tour du France covers 183.7 km. The race starts where ce finished stage 13 in Carcassonne et finishes in Quillan. The hilly stage functions five categorized climbs, three de which are category 2. The final climb du the work will prix bonus seconds atop auto Col aux Saint-Louis. Nous paper, this looks like a day parce que le the breakaway, with thé heavier hill stages encore to come in auto third week du the race.
The 15th stage de the 2021 Tour ns France consists 191.3 km, a long mountain stage beginning in Ceret et finishing in Andorre-la-Vieille. Let the third week of the tour begin with 4 categorized climbs, consisting of three category 1 climbs, et bonus seconds up à la grabs atop thé Col de Beixalis. The riders will likewise endure the highest point of auto Tour at over 2,400 meters nous the ports d’Envalira.
The 16th stage of the 2021 Tour du France covers 169 kilomètre following the définitif rest day ns the race. Currently that they’ve gotten un autre quick remainder ahead of the many pivotal racing, the yellow jersey contenders can let the breakaway succeed on this hilly phase from Pas de la des boites to Saint-Gaudens. 4 spread-out categorized climbs do this année exciting opportunity à la a solid breakaway specialist.
The 17th stage du the 2021 Tour aux France consists 178.4 km, kicking éteindre the sapin of the final two mountain stages du the Tour, both of which are summit finishes. Auto GC fight heats up beginning in Muret, where a level lead-up à three difficult categorized climbs will certainly put auto yellow jersey contenders to thé test. Thé stage ends in Saint-Lary-Soulan nous the Col aux Portet - auto HC summit complete taking riders to an elevation ns over 2,200 meters.
The 18th stage du the 2021 Tour ns France consist of 129.7 km, with auto short-distance mountain stage a good indicator ns a difficult day de climbing. After leaving Pau, the peloton will tackle two petit Category 4 climbs in the first half de the day antérieur à two HC climbs in the second half. It’s the only stage in thé Tour v multiple HC climbs, auto latter a summit complete at Luz Ardiden. It’s the last opportunity à la the GC riders venir put us in good emplacement ahead ns the stage 20 temps trial deux days later.

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The 19th stage du the 2021 Tour aux France consists 207 km. Suppose a casual day from auto peloton on this flat stage following auto last de the montails the work earlier and the need for strong foot the prochain day in thé time trial. Si a courageous breakaway doesn’t take advantage de this, conditions météorologiques should see un autre sprint complete in Libourne.
The 20th stage ns the 2021 Tour ns France is the seconde individual temps trial that covers 30.8 km. Auto stage start in Libourne, where the previous phase finished, et ends in Saint-Emilion. After quel happened nous last year’s phase 20 individual temps trial, when thé yellow jersey amazingly switched hands, brace for de nouveau exciting day that might decide thé winner ns the Tour parce que le the seconde straight year.
The 21st stage of the 2021 Tour aux France consists 108.4 km. The cours starts in Chatou and includes a category 4 rise at 7.4 km and année intermediate sprint at 68.3 km. Thé Yellow Jersey is traditionally often solidly settled on the shoulders du the définitif winner at the start ns this last stage, cible for the sprinters who rêver of triumphing on the Champs-Élysées, it’s auto opportunity venir take nous one du the toughest challenges de the year.
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