Our client, take Eat Easy, just closed a €6m series A led by Rocket Internet, et we room really happy to share this news with you.

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Take Eat basic delivers meals prepared by the coolest restaurant right à your door in Paris and Brussels. Bored venir pick up nourriture from auto same carré everyday? Now you can order your meal online and wait à la a (handsome) cycle courier venir bring it to you in around 30 minutes.

Wait a minute… space Take Eat Easy et JustEat (AlloResto) auto same? not at all. Contradictory to seulement Eat jaune Delivery Hero, take it Eat straightforward does no rely conditions météorologiques the restaurant to deliver auto food but orchestrates tous the delivery process with thé help de amazing algorithms et a team de freelance cycle couriers.

Consequence: the nourriture available nous Take Eat straightforward is lightyears away from cheap pizza et sushi. You get to bespeak from ne sont pas less than Frenchy à Go, studios 5, Tashi Tagye or Le dil. Cambodge...




After placing your order, tu can follow thé courier in genuine time

Having established that the lentreprise itself is nice cool, arrêter see why their series A is also cooler:

It’s ne sont pas less than thé biggest series A of a Belgian start-up due to the fact that 2010And thé fourth biggest undertaking operation in Belgium overall in 2014–2015To ours knowledge, that the seconde investment ever of Rocket linternet in a french-speaking nation (the sapin one to be Videdressing in 2013)

This is without a doubt a performance, but when you sait the quality of the founding team, this operation makes perfect sense.

Let’s ago up a little bit.

During our life meeting with the company, cette appeared quickly venir us that Adrien Roose, thé CEO, was not auto average guy. Hey actually told nous after a couple of minutes: “We are structure a billion dollars company”.

This might not seem unique to année informed nous audience, but in france or Belgium, amie don’t see personnes expressing that sort of ambition everyday.An ambition shared equally par the other three founders: Karim Slaoui, Jean-Christophe Libbrecht and Chloé Roose.

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What impressed nous even more is that they to be able to back that ambition with superior dedication and results.

As Adrien explained à us: “Right from thé start we wanted venir build other huge, and knew that nous would only volonté it si we ended up being obsessed with the quality ns the service”. Leading à a 30% monthly growth rate, fuelled de word du mouth.

And it’s just the tip ns the iceberg, tous their metrics are exceptional.

Massive ambition, impressive metrics, nourriture delivery … no wonder the they captured the attentif of Rocket Internet.

Last year, Rocket internet confirmed his strong interest parce que le the nourriture delivery market de setting increase a committed structure, the « globale Online Takeaway grouper ». And, oui usual with Rocket, ce gets genuine really yes, really fast… In auto last six months, lock invested no less than $717m in shipment Hero (the seulement Eat model) and Hello Fresh and bought a bunch ns companies tous over auto world, choose Talabat in Dubaï parce que le $171m.

DN Capital et Piton capitale were of arttasters the meilleur investors to complete auto funding round, having actually recently sold German OpenTable contender Quandoo venir Japanese recruit Holdings pour $219m.

With globale Founders, DN and Piton, take it Eat Easy has actually the meilleur people around the table venir help them tackle the prochain challenges et start expanding to new cities in Europe.


In the end, the best way venir understand why they closed this exceptional series A is maybe à la you venir try their service… And since they are joli people, you volonté a €10 discount nous your life order:

Enjoy! ❤


Frenchie venir go, great carré to start

Are tu next?

At Chausson Finance, we allumettes smart de largent with great companies.In 2014, nous helped 9 carefully selected companies venir raise between €1.5 and 5 millions for a total of €26m.

In 2015, take Eat Easy’s séries A is our seconde operation, adhering to Alkemics €5m series A through Index Ventures.

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