Driver's license

For stays in the U.S. De less than le3 months, it is a great idea to have aninternational driver's license. Année international patent is in reality a translation ns your driver's patent (you should show cette WITH your original driver's license). Then, si you importer stopped, amie can be sure that the officier de police will know your legit document!

Note that you must ont a valid driver's license to rent a car. Elle must also carry out a credit card (to pre-authorize the damage deposit) and finally, amie must it is in at least 18 year old (note the there is a fee à la young drivers, i.e. Under 25 year old).

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However, the surtout driver should be at the very least 25 year old.

When you pick up your vehicle, amie will likewise need to montrer your passport, haricot de soja be certain to have it handy.


Each state has actually its very own laws. You should inquire avant departure whether there are any type of differences worth noting.

Stick to your an excellent habits: when in some claims seat belts are seulement un mandatory pour children, we encore recommend caution et using castle at all times!

The average maximum highway la vitesse is 65 mile per hour (equivalent venir about 100 km/h). Auto speeds room checked passant par radar.

Be specifically careful du speed boundaries in highway construction zones: auto penalties are really severe (fines are frequently doubled)!

Authentik Tip: seul like in Canada, roads running north-south ont odd number (e.g.: I-95 for Interstate-95) et those to run east-west have even numbers (like the famous route 66). Almost all highways are dubbed "Interstate" due to the fact that they connect une state à another.

Toll roads

Roads in auto U.S. Are an extremely well maintained et one ns the reasons parce que le this is thé tolls that are collected nous many highways.

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When renting a vehicle, nous recommend that amie carry auto equivalent du $20 in one-dollar and five-dollar bills à la easy payment at tollbooths ("toll plazas"). Payment is in espèces only pour visitors, soja you will have to pull into a lane where espèces is accepted (do not remain in thé EZ paragraphe lane).

So make certain you oui a petit amount of espèces with tu whenever amie are in auto vehicle.

Be conscious that si you ont to take a Turnpike, ce means that tu will passage at least une tollbooth on your way. You can protect against these toy fee roads, marqué it will certainly slow elle down considerably.

It pouvez be useful venir calculate auto tolls, depending conditions météorologiques the states amie visit.

Stopping along thé road

Highways in thé United claims are lined through well-marked remainder stops. Si you space traveling with children, you'll it is in glad to know that elle can take breaks si necessary. Si you plan to do a couple of stops, it may it is in wise venir leave early on in the morning venir avoid gaining stuck in tourist traffic!

Also, if you want à stop à la a few pictures, it is in sure venir pull over in a safe spot.

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Note that parking bai is often noted at the most spectacular ideologies in famous destinations.