Castel clara belle ile en mer

Enjoy auto benefits of the s in our space entirely dedicated venir well-being et beauty. Outstanding thalassotherapy treatments jaune relaxing Spa treatment, our experts will it is adapted to tous your needs et guarantee amie softness et soothing. Marin energy is at auto heart of our approach à give her body and mind the most delicate care.

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1 overflow seawater piscine with counter-current swim system, underwater jets, gooseneck massaging auto cervicals.1 chaud tub1 sensory shower v light, fragrance et temperature variations.6 hydro-massaging bathrooms2 shower cabins v tonic jets


Thalassotherapy is part du the essence of auto Castel Clara and is in thé spirit ns a carré located in auto open sea. We offer amie modern et fully equipped facilities, high top quality treatments and cures adapted venir your desires, indigenous fitness to auto Slimming and Softness cure. We take care of everything haricot de soja that elle can let go et enter serenely into a world of relaxation et care, rocked par the sound ns the ocean.

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These treatments, consisted of in our Thalasso Package, combiné the benefits ns seawater and marine actif ingredients with helpful properties for your body and mind. Gain a real power concentrate that will restore your body's tonicity et vitality.

Our Excellence treatments are an invitation à absolute well-being. Accompanied by a naturopath in the "Stress and Sleep" cure, beauticians in the "Beauty" cure, compétence in relaxing technique from around auto world in the moine "Massages du the world" jaune relaxation compétence in thé "Detox" cure, we welcome you à a world ns softness et soothing.

The "Slimming & Softness" therapy combines a balanced diet and body treatment adapted à your requirements with a sports coach. Revitalize you yourself with auto "Sea et Rehabilitation" treatment and its personalized regime in heat sea water. Thé "Light Legs" treatment ensures an excellent circulation through details massages et treatments.

Our dynamic treatments combine sport and relaxation, according venir several recipe adapted venir your tastes and passions. "Coaching Tonic & Thalasso", "Golf & Wellness", "Back to Nature", nous offer you tous the fitness options, while having actually fun and enjoying Belle-Île.

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You ont the possibility à combine toutes les personnes the treatments venir create your very own wellness break. Let your body and mind enjoy toutes les personnes the benefits du the ocean passant par choosing auto tailor-made therapies specially designed passant par our experts that suivre you.


In the heart ns the thalassotherapy institute, our Spa Clara is dedicated venir well-being and beauty. In search du pleasure et soothing, her body et mind have found their refuge. In an atmosphere of marin colours, uncover a exorbitant range de treatments. A promise ns serenity et gentleness, the Spa Clara rappel you venir explore all aspects of well-being to thé rhythm ns the ocean.

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Thalasso by THALION


Castel Clara has actually chosen à partner with a brand with dunicité know-how. Pour more than 25 years, THALION has remained faithful venir its founding values: à offer innovative and high-performance près de la mer products et treatments, while protecting the cassant balance of the près de la mer ecosystem.Products easily accessible in auto spa shop

The intimate and warm universe du Nuxe Spa


Between shadow and light, live a singular experience de care and letting go. Uncover prodigious care, intense gestures: thé senses take it precedence end thought...Products easily accessible in auto spa shop


Dive right into our indoor heated seawater pool and enjoy tous its bateau benefits: contraintes relief, muscle relaxation and a revitalized body!

Our large outdoor heated piscine will allow you venir enjoy a superb panorama du the ocean ont far as the eye have the right to see.

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Our pools are fully open to tous hotel and spa guests.

The Castel Clara is a CENTAURUS - Hospitality Odyssey cible managed par Centaurus Hospitality Management.Crédit film :® Marco Strullu



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