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A leisure map ns Crete : v plans de Iraklion, Chania, Rethymnon, Aghios Nikolaos, Knossos, Phaestos, and Malia catalog Record seul soulagement shown by shading, gradient tints, et spot heights. Text, legend, descriptive index, et chronology in English, German, and French. Cover title. Title at upper right: Crete. Has text and indexes. Ancillary cartes of old palaces: Phaestos -- Piano Nobile -- Knossos -- Mália. Text, indexes, et chronology conditions météorologiques verso. Ville maps on verso: Iráklion -- Chaniá -- Réthymnon -- Aghios Nikólaos. Laure map,... Contributor: Clyde Surveys limité Date: 1983

Kriti. magazine Record only range not given. cookiesinheaven.comation from verso. Legend, text, and index in English and Greek. Includes text. Indexed carte of Chania et Iraklion on verso. AACR2 Contributor: Tsopelas, D. Date: 1972

Crete : index of places names, ville map--Iraklio, tourist sites : 1:140,000, 1 cm = 1.4 km, 1 in:2.2 miles, road et tourist map = Crète : index des cookiesinheaven.comalités, plan du ... Crete, road et tourist map | Michelin Crete | 759 national Crete Michelin brochure Record seulement un road map through tourist features. Soulagement shown de shading et spot heights. Legends and notes in Greek, French, English, and German. Title from cover. At head du cover et panel titles: Michelin. Covering affixed à sheet over top de panel title. Printed in western/eastern segments. Includes notes, index de places, highway éliminer tables, ancillary map de Iraklion city, and publisher's advertisements. Outline maps, filing... Contributor: pneu Michelin (Firm) Date: 2012

Crete, tourist map : English : road map with valuable information, photos, a plan of auto town, and the history du the island = , et phone directory. Text, 4 city-center carte with indexes venir points of interest, 3 maps du ancient ruins, title panels, and col. Ill. Nous verso. Contributor: Greko version (Firm) Date: 1996

Globetrotter take trip map. Crete : detailed, informative, practical, including surtout town plans : scale 1:300,000 Crete : detailed, informative, practical, including major town plans | Globetrotter Crete scale 1:300,000 brochure Record seul tourist map with roads emphasized. Relief shown par spot heights. Legend in English, German, et French. Cover title. Has notes, indexes, 2 ancillary city maps, destiné of "Palace de Knossós," cookiesinheaven.comation map, distance table, climate statistics tables, calendar of events, and col. Ill. Notes, 5 regional la tour maps, 4 city route maps, le3 plans de palace ruins, glossary, and col. Ill. Nous verso. Text,... Contributor: new Holland (Publishers) Ltd Date: 1995
explore the world--Nelles Maps. Crete 1:200,000 : city maps--Haniá, Réthimno, Iráklio, Ágios Nikólaos, Ierápetra, Sitía = Kreta 1:200,000 Crete 1:200,000 | Kreta 1:200,000 | Crete | Kreta | Nelles maps Crete-Kreta 1:200,000 brochure Record only soulagement shown by contours, shading, and spot heights. Legend and notes in English, German, and French. Sheathe title. Consists of notes, index map, and publisher's map list. Ville insets: Haniá -- Réthimno -- Iráklio -- Ágios Nikólaos -- Ierápetra -- Sitía. Note, assurance map, ill. Du map covers, col. Ill., et bar-code nous cover. "08." Contributor: Nelles Verlag Date: 1997
Kriti, = Kriti, map : with street plans du Iraklion, Chania, Rethimnon, Aghios Nikolaos = Kriti, atlas = Kriti, Karte directory Record only soulagement shown by shading and spot heights. Greek, English, French, and German. Text in English, French, and German. On cover: , English, français, deutsch. Dashboard title. Title at top: Kriti. Includes hotel directory, inset ns "Prefectures," and cookiesinheaven.comation map. Text, indexes to points du interest, et col. Ill. Nous verso. Maps on verso: Iraklion -- Chania -- Rethymnon -- Aghios Nikolaos -- Knossos palaces... Contributor: Lappas, F. Date: 1981

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Kreta 1:100.000 Touristikkarte : enthält viele Stadtpläne, Detailkarten et Wandervorschläge, sowie dé komplette route ... E4 = Crete 1:100.000 touringmap : contains town plans, detail maps and ... The complete europe Hiking ... Crete 1:100.000 touringmap | Crete 1:100.000 touring map directory Record seul relief shown par contours, shading, gradient tints, et spot heights. Titles et legend in German, English, et Greek; place-names in romanized Greek et standard Greek. Ouest sheet missing. LC copy imperfect: Rubber-stamped, annotated in ink, taped, adhesive marque affixed, missing sheet 1-Der Westen. Consists of notes, coverage maps, 5 city and other insets, et col. Ill. Contributor: Harms-Ic-Verlag Date: 2000
Crete scale 1:200.000, a complete guide parce que le drivers et travellers : message covering thé history et geography : with cartes of historical sites, castles, monasteries ... List of hotels = = ... complete guide for drivers et travellers, Crete range 1:100.000 | Kreta Masstab 1:200.000, eine umfassende Strassen- und Reisekarte : | Kriti | Crete, skale 1:200.000 catalog Record only relief shown passant par shading, form lines, et spot heights. English, Greek, German, Italian, and French. Sheathe title. Carte in accompanying text booklet: Map de the archaeological des sites) -- Churches-monasteries-castles -- Cnossos-Knossos -- -Phaistos -- -Malia -- -Iraklio -- -Chania -- -Rethymno -- -Aghios Nikolaos. Includes island inset et cookiesinheaven.comation map. Contributor: M. Toubis (Firm) Date: 1997
Glōssikos atlas tēs Krētēs : genikē eisagōgē kai dialektologikoi chartes / magazine Record only recaps in English et French. "To erōtēmatologio" (p. 30-47) in Greek, English, et French. Consists of 172 linguistic carte of Crete. Includes bibliographical references. Contributor: Kontosopoulos, Nikolaos G. Date: 1988
Krētē, hodikos kai periēgētikos atlas Crete Road and Touring carte | Crete road & Touring atlas brochure Record seul In Greek and English, through some nomenclature also in French and German. Soulagement shown passant par shading, contours, et spot heights. Includes indexes. Contributor: Syrigos, Stauros - Adamakopoulos, Tr. (Triantaphyllos) - Anavasē numérique (Firm) Date: 2008
tourist map Kriti : Crete = = Kreta = Crète. catalog Record seul panel title: tourist & road map. Text, col. Ill., and 4 indexed ville tourist carte on verso. Contributor: "typokreta" G. Kazanakēs. Date: 1989
Bartholomew Crete vacation map. Crete catalog Record seul soulagement shown passant par shading, gradient tints, et spot heights. Depths shown passant par gradient tints. English, German, and French. Colophon title. Has text, indexes, et ancillary city maps de "Haniá" and "Réthimno." Text, indexes, city maps of "Iráklio" and "Ághios Nikólaos," and 4 plans du ancient palaces on verso. "HW7821 MNE." LC copy is proof sheet, lacks cover. Contributor: Bartholomew (Firm) Date: 1995
Allies conduire on Syria to volonté jump on Nazis. catalog Record seul LC copy: From auto Washington tous les jours News, Tuesday, june 10, 1941, page 12. " United press Map." "C.S. Hammond & Co., N. Y." -- In reduced right margin. cookiesinheaven.comation is devised from éléments headline. Map is related to article about Allies military effort to protect against landing du German troops à assist entrenched Vichy force in Syria. Spectacles military installations, oil fields and refinaries, shipping... Contributor: Washington daily News Publishing entreprise - C.S. Hammond & lentreprise - united Press combinaison (U.S.) Date: 1941
Kreta, Griechenland, gros länderkarte 1:250.000 : mit Stadtplänen von Iraklio und Knossos : 32 ausgesuchte Sehenswürdigkeiten in Text rang Bild auf der Kartenrückseite Griechenland, grosse Länderkarte 1:250.000, Kreta | Kreta 1:250.000 brochure Record only soulagement shown passant par shading and spot heights. Legend in Greek, English, and 6 other languages; text in German. Title from cover. LC copy rubber-stamped at lower right: Geography and Map Division, Library du Congress, Hammond Collection-2003. LC copy imperfect: contempt use-worn, torn at fold lines. Consists of inset de "Iráklio" city and inset ns "Knōssos = Knossos" through index to points of interest. Coverage map,... Contributor: Reise- et Verkehrsverlag Date: 1989
A leisure map of Crete : through plans of Iraklion, Chania, Rethymnon, Aghios Nikolaos, Knossos, Phaestos, and Malia catalog Record seul relief shown de shading, gradient tints, et spot heights. Text, legend, descriptive index, and chronology in English, German, and Swedish. Covering title. Title in upper appropriate corner: Crete. Includes text et indexes. Ancillary cartes of old palaces: Phaestos -- Piano Nobile -- Knossos -- Mália. Text, indexes, et chronology on verso. City maps nous verso: Iráklion -- Chaniá -- Réthymnon -- Ághios Nikólaos. cookiesinheaven.comation... Contributor: Clyde Surveys limite Date: 1982
cette Balkanfeldzug und die Eroberung von Kreta 1941 : ein Lageatlas les Operationsabteilung des Generalstabs des Heeres : neu gezeichnet nach les Unterlagen im Bundesarchiv/Militärarchiv / catalog Record seul Contributor: Thies, Klaus Jürgen Date: 1996
. brochure Record only soulagement shown passant par shading, gradient tints, et spot heights. Depth shown by gradient tints. English, German, et French. cookiesinheaven.comation from cover ns previous ed. cookiesinheaven.comation at upper right: Crete. Evidence sheet. Consists of text, indexes, and ancillary carte of "Haniá" et "Réthimno." Text, indexes, cartes of "Iráklio" and "Ághios Nikólaos," et 4 plans de ancient palaces conditions météorologiques verso. "S6." DRM Contributor: Bartholomew Clyde (Firm) Date: 1989
= . magazine Record seulement un soulagement shown by shading and spot heights. Toutes les personnes map-content names in romanized Greek; publisher's name in lower margin in English. Title devised de cataloguer. Annotated at upper left in black-ink handwritten printing: proof Copy. LC copy imperfect: Use-worn, fold-lined, rubber-stamped, taped, black-ink annotations in lower margin, adhesive étiqueter affixed. Includes shade registration marquages in lateral margins. Contributor: Athens Publicity centre (Greece) Date: 1965

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Kreta, Strassenkarte, Stadtpläne, Sehenswürdigkeiten = Crete, roadway map, ville maps, places de interest catalog Record seulement un relief shown de contours, shading, et spot heights. Legend in English, German, et French. Cover title. Title at head ns legend: Kriti. "This map will certainly be amendment continuously." includes notes. City insets: Hania -- Rethimno -- Iraklio -- Agios Nikolaos -- Ierapetra -- Sitia. "0 20 585." Contributor: Nelles Verlag Date: 1985