Cap sizun pointe du raz

Wild and windy Pointe de Raz, France’s equivalent ns Land’s End, is one of Brittany’s most popular natural sites. V its breathtaking clifftop go (you’ll require a head pour heights!), perilous waters, attractive island et charming fishing ports, this area offers an authentic slice of bretton life.

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Enchanting beauty

Pointe de Raz tons became well-known with visitors in thé 19th century thanks to its illustration in the works of avion Flaubert et Victor dhugo who were enchanted de its stark beauty. However thé extent ns tourism commander to environmental degradation, i beg your pardon thankfully has now to be addressed. These days, roughly 850,00 travellers a année come venir wander through thé gorse et heather and admirer the see at France’s many westerly point. Do your sapin stop thé Maison ns la emplacement (welcome centre) to orient yourself et maybe sign up parce que le a guided tour.

The bay de the dead

North du the Pointe aux Raz is the la baie des Trépassés (bay du the dead), reportedly so-called because de the num of shipwrecked bodies that provided to importer washed up here – auto waters in this area ont some of the the strongest currents in Europe. However, in spite du its grim name, this is a scenic spot with rolling vert meadows that slope down venir a sandy beach, which is an extremely popular with surfers.

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Barely année island

On a clear day, you’ll be able à make out auto whitewashed houses in the harbour du Île ns Sein, a small île 5 mile (8km) la fin the coast. Even though no part of cette is an ext than 19ft (6m) above sea level, car-free sein has approximately 300 residents who make their living from fishing. Although sein allegedly has actually one of the many dangerous reefs in the world, there are tous les jours boat trips from nearby Audierne in summer.

Catch de the day

No trip à Pointe aux Raz would be finish without a arrêter at Audierne. As well as being a renowned seaside resort through a sheltered beach, thé town is a functioning fishing port, through prawns and crayfish being thé top catches. Aquashow is a popular attrait with families for its aquariums, shark basin et bird displays. Along the côte in Douarnenez you can learn all about boats and fishing at the Port-Museum.

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 Legend has it that auto mythical breton city du Ys (pronounced ‘ees’) is buried under auto sea in the seulement des Trépassés.