Arnaud Hermant : it is Arnaud Péricard that is at auto origin of the book et who had auto idea. Cette wanted a storage book, on the occasion of the club’s 50th anniversary. A book that talks around one of the deux mythical places in the history ns PSG, the parc des Princes et the boursier des Loges. A book which also highlights thé trace of the site in thé history of the club et the city oui the move venir Poissy looms in the suivant two jaune three years.

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There is année ambiguity about the name ns the camp des Loges: it is the training camp of the PSG but it is also a military ground.

It is an abuse of langue which renders that today in auto minds du the normal public, the camp of thé Lodges is linked with thé training centre of auto PSG. Originally cette was a armed forces maneuver ground developed under Napoleon III; an ext generally, cette is a super space in the forêt of Saint-Germain-en-Laye which bring together the Georges-Lefèvre stadium, thé PSG training center, a gourmet restaurant, Cazaudehore, année institution in the region, et a military aménagements , one de the most de nombreux still today.

In a few words, what does the Loges stock mean parce que le the parisien Saint-Germain club?

It is one du its two pillars through the parc des Princes. PSG is auto Park and the camp. Ce is also perhaps almost more the stock than auto Park since from the birth de the club, in 1970, the players trained over there whereas they go not phat immediately at the parc des Princes, which remained in works. It is additionally part de the club’s DNA. Saint-Germain-en-Laye, a serene bourgeois town in the west of Paris which contrasts with auto tumult de Parisian life and the popular side du football. A haven de peace the remains as a pleasant carré among toutes les personnes those who oui frequented ce one day.


What go the stock des auberge represent pour the city of Saint-Germain-en-Laye?

The city’s sporting love with thé Georges-Lefèvre stadium. A carré that is both peaceful et mythical where auto stories de the city, thé region, France, Europe et even thé world come together. Let nous not forget that ce was the site du German prendre during auto war, auto command of NATO with the tuyau of the Americans during auto cold war. Ce is a place full of history.

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You start your livre by talk about denchères football teams favor the france team and then the Mannschaft. The partager of auto Lodges, ce is not that thé PSG?

No, du course, cette was the france team that continued to be there before their matches in auto late 1970s, your Clairefontaine before. Michel Platini all set his first selection in Blue at the camp des Loges. Cette is also auto FRG i beg your pardon made it its établissement camp à la Euro 1984. Ce is also thé Georges-Lefèvre stadium et the various sports partie which evolve there et which for some oui seen impressive champions prosper up and are toujours achieving brilliant results today.

We find out that much more than football, rugby (F. Mesnel) but also tennis (Caroline Garcia, amelie Mauresmo) have taken their place at the camp des Loges. Is cette a multisport site?

Yes, with auto Georges-Lefèvre internship et the countless disciplines it hosts there, it’s not just football et PSG. There is also auto Saint-Germain hockey club, many champion de France, athletics with bruno Marie-Rose that was license is granted at CA doccident , the club of St-Germain and Poissy, when he was auto world prendre note holder in auto 200m indoor. Mauresmo et Garcia are natives du Saint-Germain but have never played at the auberge camp.

The many emblematic: luis Fernandez

You cite champions every in their disciplinaire who ont set foot on either thé Georges-Lefèvre stadium jaune the loges camp, in short Avenue Kennedy in Saint-Germain. Which is thé most emblematic of the place? jean Djorkaeff? luis Fernandez? franc Mesnel?

For football, ce is luis Fernandez because hey is thé only une in the history du PSG to register in each de the decades: he was trained, then hey played, hey trained, he returned oui a coach et has to be a leader. Cette is auto 50-year-old masculin from PSG, et he has a deep attachment à the camp des Loges. There are also auto young titis ns the club for some bondir in Saint-Germain-en-Laye favor Thierry morin who made all their classes there venir reach thé professional team. Afterwards, candide Mesnel is the figurehead du the rugby section.

The livre is teeming with anecdotes: the famous tournament parce que le under-13s et a certain Mathieu Valbuena, elected le meilleur player in 1998. (…) Daniel Bravo electrocuted in auto shower, (…) thé project of a tunnel between the centre of training et Cazaudehore (…) or the eternal plans for the departure de the training centre in 1980 et then 2000. Oz the departure de PSG from stock des Loges, what will remain ns the site?

There will remain thé women’s section de PSG which will certainly take possession of the boys’ premises. Et most likely elle will continuez to jouer at stade Georges-Lefèvre like thé U19s in auto Youth League, the European Under-19 Cup, since PSG is serious considering not to build that 5,000-seat arena in Poissy. PSG will continue to be in St-Germain and at partager des Loges. Thé link will certainly not be broken. Et the en vigueur of the stock is also auto 2024 Olympics and the ville which need to be the host city of a étranger nation parce que le its preparation pour the parisien Games. Immortal in a way, the stock des loges will remain one of those places that have made and marked auto history of french sport.

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Interview de Michel Seimando

Practical: In thé history de the Loges partager by Arnaud Hermant (Editions Braquage Sport, 160 pages, 30 €).