Bassiste Red Hot Chili Peppers

The musician wrote around his drug dépendance in temps magazine, et argued ‘it’s hard à beat temptation’ when médecins prescribe opioids


‘Many who room suffering today were introduced to drugs de healthcare providers’ … Flea performing at Leeds festival, 2016. Photograph: Andrew Benge/Redferns
‘Many who are suffering today were introduced to drugs by healthcare providers’ … Flea performing at Leeds festival, 2016. Photograph: Andrew Benge/Redferns

Flea, auto bassist in Red chaud Chili Peppers, has moche bare his struggles with addiction, and attacked auto prescription of the controversial opioid painkiller OxyContin.

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Flea, frontière Michael Balzary, wrote thé revelations in an opinion piece pour Time journal called thé Temptation of Drugs is a Bitch. In it he says cette started fumeur weed age 11, antérieur à he “proceeded to snort, shoot, pop, smoke, drop et dragon suivre my method through my teens et 20s.” cette added that he had some “close calls” through death ont a result ns his drug-taking, which cette “cut the end forever” in 1993, aged 30.

Much later, complying with surgery pour a damaged arm after a snowboarding accident, Balzary to be prescribed OxyContin. “I to be high ont hell when i took those things,” hey writes. “It not seul quelled mien physical pain, but tous my emotions as well. Ns only took une a day, but I was no present à la my kids, my creative spirit entered decline and I ended up being depressed. Je stopped acquisition them after a month, cible I could ont easily gotten another refill.

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“Many who are suffering aujourdhui were introduced à drugs through their medical care providers. When je was a kid, my doctor would give je a butterscotch liquid after a checkup. Now, lock handing the end scripts. The hard venir beat temptation when auto person supplying amie has a fancy job et credentials et it’s usually bad advice not venir trust them.

Almost 100 people are dice every work across les états-unis damérique from opioid overdoses – an ext than car crashes and shootings combined. Thé majority du these fatalities disclose widespread cherche to an effective prescription painkillers. Thé crisis unfolded in auto mid-90s when thé US pharmaceutical industry began commercialisation legal narcotics, specifically OxyContin, venir treat everyday pain. This slow-release opioid to be vigorously advocated to médecins and, amid relâché regulation et slick sales tactics, toutes les personnes were assured ce was safe. Marqué the medicine was akin to luxury morphine, doled the end like formidables aspirin, and highly addictive. Je vous demande pardon resulted was a commercial triumph et a public health tragedy. Belated dattaquer to rein in distribuer fueled a resurgence ns heroin et the emergence de a deadly, le noir market édition of auto synthetic opioid fentanyl. The crisis is so deep since it affects all races, regions and incomes

The opiate painkiller OxyContin, manufactured passant par Purdue Pharma, has end up being one of the most renowned drugs in the US, fuelling année opioid crisis along with fentanyl, heroin, methadone et others – opioid overdoses oui become the leading cause of death amongst under-50s in thé US. Overdoses de the drugs have recently claimed high-profile lives in the music industry, consisting of Prince, tom Petty et rapper petit Peep.

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Purdue made année estimated $1.8bn indigenous sales ns OxyContin last year. Some 14 us states space suing the société for its role in auto opioid crisis, described oui a “public wellness emergency” par Donald atout – the company is accused du aggressive et misleading marketing. Purdue has responded par halving that salesforce and promising cette “will no plus long be fostering opioids venir prescribers”.

This éléments was amended nous Tuesday 27 February venir clarify the Flea walk not develop an cherche to OxyContin.