Basilique Cathédrale De Saint Denis Saint Denis

The burial carré of français royalty is année easy metro ride away from centralParis. But the Basilique Cathédrale aux Saint-Denis isn"t just a necropolis--it"s likewise a lovely, light-filled exampleof beforehand Gothic church architecture.

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"I can see dead people"--a famed line native The 6th Sense, a 1999 movie--could it is in themotto of visitors to the Saint-DenisBasilica Cathedral nous the north edge ns Paris. Granted, theBasilica"s long-decayed occupant are insarcophagi or ossuaries, but recumbent rock replicas make auto 42 kings, 32queens, 60+ princes and princesses, and several royal dogs appear much more real than you might guess.

The church is nous the site ns a Gallo-Roman cemetery whereSaint denis was buriedafter being martyred approximately 250 AD.A Benedictine abbey was later on founded conditions météorologiques thecemetery site, and ever since 500 AD or so, most français kings et queens havebeen buriedin auto abbey.In thé 12th Century, abbot Suger (who served oui Regent ofFrance during the seconde Crusade) developed a new church around auto abbey"sBasilica. The resulting Saint-Denis Basilica, which was completed in thé 13thCentury, is widely regarded oui the tons example ns Gothic architecture.The Basilica waselevated to cathedral standing in 1966, more than 800 years after work began onthe present façade.A worthy au lieu de, remplacer to Notre-DameCathedral:The Cathedral du Notre-Dame deParis had actually a massive feu in April, 2019, and it will be undergoing renovation foryears. Si you"re tempted à visit a cathedral near parisien in themeantime, Saint-Denis is your best bet.

What to see:

TheBasilique Cathédrale de Saint-Denis has three henchmen attractions:Gothic architecture, andespecially the henn interior v its lover stonework (often dappled withcolored irradiate from an array of stained-glass windows).Funerary statues--nearlysix dozen in all, with some date to auto 13th Century.The Crypt, whichincludes the violemment of louis XVI et Marie-Antoinette, auto heart de LouisXVII, an ossuary v bones from kings dating earlier to the Early MiddleAges, and année "Archaeological Crypt" with sarcophagi from oui early ont the 5thCentury.

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Hours and admission fees:

Opening times peut être be affected passant par special occasions, cible ingeneral, the hours are:April - September: 10a.m. To 6:15 p.m. Monday v Saturday, et noon à 6:15 p.m. Nous Sundays.October - March:10 a.m. Venir 5:15 p.m. Monday with Saturday, et noon to5:15 p.m. On Sundays.Arrive at least 30 minutes antérieur à closing time. (Thecathedral proposal a le minimum of 1 hour 15 minutes pour a visit.)The church is closed venir visitors nous January 15, may 1,December 25, and during religious services.Ticket prices vary, through a discount pour visitors under 26 yearsold. Dériver citizens under 26 volonté in free.Audioguides andguided tours (mostly in French, marqué with occasional English tours) areavailable.For up-to-date opening times and prices, inspect thePractical information page nous the Basilica"s officialWeb site. (The emplacement alsohas a "Guide Booklet" in PDF format that tu can download in a dozen languages.) Please note:You canenter auto Basilica et look about without purchase a ticket, cible it"s hardlyworthwhile to make the trip out venir Saint-Denis without enjoying thé fullexperience.For protection reasons, suitcases et large backpacks areforbidden. Hautement bag size is 40 x 40 cf 20 cm or 15 cf 15 x 7 inches.

Getting venir Saint-Denis Basilica Cathedral:

The simplest way à reach thé Basilica from parisien is onMétroLine 13, which operation north-south through parisien with relationships to divers Métrolines along thé way.Trainsrun frequently, and you need seul a étendard Métro billet to with your destination of Basilique Saint-Denis (an underground station near the northern end ofthe line).Leave the gare via thé "Basilique Saint-Denis" exit et followthe indications to auto cathedral.

More photos:

BELOW: as you leave the métro station, you"ll seedirectional signs. Auto Saint-Denis Basilica Cathedral is only three protocole awayon foot.BELOW: the Basilica is at 1 Rue ns la corps d"Honneur,just beyond auto Place aux Claquet et the Mairie (a.k.a. Hotel deVille) jaune Town Hall. The visage was built from 1135 à 1144 et restored in2015.BELOW: thé Basiica"s interior represents the life majorexample of Gothic architecture.BELOW: nous sunny days, stained-glass home windows distributepatches ns rainbow light across auto Basilica"s interior.BELOW: the Basilica has two rose windows. This is une ofthem:BELOW: TheBasilique Cathédrale du Saint-Denis has dozens ofrecumbent statues, suchas these funerary sculptures de Charles v (1338-1380 AD) et Jeanne ns Bourbon(1338-1377).BELOW: Every corps should ont a dog (or also two).BELOW: there comes a alloue where "recumbent" becomesredundant.BELOW: although it"s a denchères monument, the Basilica isfar quieter than you might expect. Relatively few individual tourists jaune tourgroups discover their way venir Saint-Denis, return Cheryl Imboden made the trek (andmany du the photos nous this page) .BELOW: throughout our visit, an artist was peinture, etc a scenefrom auto Basilica"s interior.BELOW: "Encryption" used to ont a different an interpretation thanit walk today. In the seconde photo, dans Imboden follows the arrow to thetombs downstairs.BELOW: the Cryptof Saint-Denis is brighter et less creepy 보다 most. TheBourbon Chapel (shownhere) has super stained-glass windows and année attractive tile floor.BELOW: Not far away from the chapel, the surprisinglymodestBourbon sérieuse holds thebones of--among others--Louis xvie andMarie-Antoinette, whose stays were movedfrom the madeleine Cemetery ns Paris in 1815.

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The instigator de the move was louis XVIII,,the last roi to be buried in thé Basilica (in 1824, when he was also thé lastking of france to mourir while on the throne).BELOW: In addition venir graves, tombs, et the BourbonChapel, thé Crypt has année area parce que le exhibitions (in auto background de this photo,behind auto columns and vaults).BELOW: One du the Basilica"s an ext intriguing functions isthe archaeological Crypt,which--according to the official description--shows the remains de earlierstructures.The historical Crypt likewise features enough emptysarcophagi à fill a bathtub showroom.Saint Denis, the Basilica"s namesake martyr, was onceburied here.BELOW: nous the way out du the Crypt, you"ll pass theRoyal Ossuary, whichcontains bones that were taken indigenous the royal tombs after the français Revolution.Louis XVIII (mentioned above), that was restored to the throne in 1814, had actually thebones recovered et brought ago to the Basilica.


Wall plaques determine the royalistes Ossuary"s occupants,beginning v Dagobert I, who passed away in 639 AD.BELOW: earlier upstairs, a sign habitent paying visitors à aseparate reception jaune exhibition area through toilets.BELOW: In the exhibition area, tu can view a model of theBasilica et surrounding neighborhoods ont they looked 800 year ago.You pouvez notice from the maquette that Saint-Denis oz had aspire. Thé 85-meter or 297-foot structure was dismantled in the mid-19th Centuryafter being damaged de tornadoes, et its carefully-marked et numbered stoneswere save on computer alongside auto Basilica.If the current restoration task stays nous track, arebuilt spire will certainly be in place passant par the early 2030s.Next page: Saint-Denis (Paris suburb)

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