Aston martin f1 safety car

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The new AMR21 race là won"t be the seulement un Aston guttin hitting auto track at each round du the 2021 Formula une World Championship.

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Aston Martin"s Vantage sports là has to be picked ont the main safety là for auto 2021 F1 season, alongside auto Mercedes-Benz AMG GT which has actually been dealing with the duty for thé past couple of seasons. Aston Martin"s DBX SUV has also been picked oui the official clinical car, together with AMG"s C63 s Wagon.

The Vantage safety car will function a few upgrades pour its F1 role. The safety car"s travail is à lead thé field nous warm-up laps and also come out si there"s an les accidents or mauvais weather. Cible because F1 cars often need à maintain a bien sur pace soja that their tires, brakes et engines stay at optimale temperatures, auto safety car also needs venir be quick. Really quick.


2021 Aston martin DBX Formula one Official medical Car

As a result, power from thé car"s 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 has actually been raised to 527 hp, increase from the la norme 503 hp. Height torque of 505 lb-ft is unchanged cible is maintained over a more comprehensive band in the safety car. According to Aston Martin, 0-60 mph acceleration will now happen in 3.5 seconds versus 3.6 secs in the partager Vantage.

The chassis et aerodynamics oui also been tweaked. Pour example, a modification grille et new prior splitter help à increase downforce, by as much ont 120 pounds at a speed ns 124 mph. Modifications to the suspension, steering and dampers have also been made, together with extra bracing under thé vehicle à improve structure stiffness. Aston vigne said auto 8-speed automatic transmission has also been recalibrated for improved response.

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Don"t it is in surprised if some ns these changements make it onto a future déditions of thé Vantage.


2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT ns Formula one Official security Car

Behind the wheel at every round will be Bernd Maylaender, a se réconcilier DTM racer who has served as the F1 safety car driver since 2000.

As pointed out above, the AMG GT is likewise serving oui the main safety là this year. Ont in vault years, the 577-hp GT R dépense has to be picked but it wears a new coat de red paint instead of the usual silver. Sadly, auto GT r was dropped native Mercedes" U.S. Lineup after 2020.

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The cars will see track action for the life time on Friday, the sapin day de F1"s main pre-season testing which this année is taking carré in Bahrain. The tons race de the new season will certainly be the Bahrain Grand awards on Mar. 28. The season was meant to start ont always with auto Australian Grand awards but the cours has to be delayed until November périmé to Covid-19 restrictions. Despite the ongoing Covid-19 situation, F1 organizers continue to be hopeful du holding a record 23 rounds this season.