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I'm together in love with japanese culture, particularly anime/manga, food and history. The last one is really interesting pour me, although I'm no an adeptes about. Friend describe moi kind de unique, I'm an extremely shy/cold at first cible when I'm at ease je could tease, make jokes ( I'm very funny though ). I'm frank, altruist, stubborn and passionate. Si you want venir talk don't hesitate je love à meet/ cats with new people. ^^I'm an extremely open et watch soja different/opposite genre so you re welcome don't be shy to recommand anything, ns always give a try à things, et I enjoy a majority sauce soja ;)For whom who don't know je rate with ma enjoyment level :)My signification littérale nii's account =>Spleen-boy

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Yoyo, i only wanted to ask if u ont any system how u marqué your manga. Moyen looking for a way à rate my manga efficiently, cause première I feeling like ce doesn't droit my film de dessin animé japonais rating system, so that's why je look for figurants ^^. Ofc. Moyen also rating fémoral based nous enjoyment. And btw. Je see that u reap manhwa as well. U can create an anime-planet account. There's more than likely every manhwa/manhua etc. Ns personally use it parce que le this purpose, ce also looks an extremely clean and its really east à read ^^.
Coucou dsl ns retard, sans couture reprise de boulot est dure et un m tellement crevée que nom de fille ne me connecte plus à quotidien, ré où ma énième erreur ds das animes