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Adamant that "this isn"t the preseason," coach Kyle Shanahan stresses there"s no quarterbaông chồng battle for 2-1 San Francisco 49ers


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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- In the days after the San Francisteo 49ers" last-second loss khổng lồ the Green Bay Packers, the public drumbeat for rookie quarterbaông chồng Trey Lance lớn be more involved in the offense has gotten louder.

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But Niners coach Kyle Shanahan made it clear on Wednesday that Lance still isn"t pushing Jimmy Garoppolo for the starting job và that Lance will be sprinkled into the offense when he believes it makes sense.

"There"s not a quarterbachồng battle right now," Shanahan said. "We"re going with our starting quarterbachồng who I think is playing very well. I"m happy that he is, so Trey is not thrown into lớn any situations he has to lớn bởi too early. If he ever is thrown into lớn that, then I know Trey will khuyễn mãi giảm giá with that và he"ll get better as it goes, but we have a luxury where we don"t have sầu lớn do that yet lớn Trey or to lớn our team."

The questions about getting Lance more involved came on the heels of another uneven offensive sầu performance for the 49ers in their 30-28 loss to lớn the Packers on Sunday. For the second week in a row, the offense didn"t score any points until just before halftime và those came on a 1-yard run by Lance as time expired in the second quarter.

Before those scoring drives against Philadelphia & Green Bay in Weeks 2 and 3, the 49ers" offense gained an average of just 65.5 first-half yards và 7 points in the first half of those games.

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Those slow starts, combined with the Niners" recent spate of running baông chồng injuries -- Raheem Mostert is out for the season with a knee injury, JaMycal Hasty is on injured reserve with a high left ankle sprain and Elijah Mitchell didn"t play last week because of a right shoulder injury -- left some khổng lồ wonder if Shanahan might turn to lớn Lance more frequently lớn help ignite a sagging run game or, at minimum, give the defense something different khổng lồ look at.

"If we thought that would be the case, we"d vày it," Shanahan said.

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Asked Wednesday what he"d need to lớn see from Lance in practice in order to lớn get hlặng more involved in the offense, Shanahan again reiterated what Lance"s current role is.

"Trey"s our backup quarterbachồng," Shanahan said. "This isn"t the preseason. We"re not just going baông chồng and forth all the time."

Through three games, Lance has played just seven snaps, accounting for two touchdowns in those limited opportunities. He did not play against the Eagles in Week 2. While the 49ers have sầu specific packages and plays in for Lance, he said he doesn"t know when he"s going into lớn the game, which is why he stays cthất bại khổng lồ quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello awaiting instruction.

"There"s no certain situations that I know that I"m going in or don"t just stay ready just lượt thích all the other tight ends and receivers and running backs that are subbing out of the game," Lance said.

Garoppolo, meanwhile, has had his ups và downs for the 2-1 Niners. Despite the slow starts, he ranks 13th in the NFL in total QBR (56.9), 19th in passing yards (760) & tied for 18th in touchdown passes (four). He also has run for a score, thrown an interception & lost a pair of fumbles.

Which has apparently been enough for Shanahan to lớn not only continue with Garoppolo as the starter but also limit how many snaps Lance is getting. It"s also why Shanahan seemed khổng lồ take umbrage with some of the chatter about how the quarterback situation would play out before this week và the ensuing questions about why Lance hasn"t appeared with much frequency.

"We have put hyên ổn on the field," Shanahan said. "We vì chưng it in situations. You can go with whatever you want what I say in training camp & you can expand on that or not. But I think I was asked coming off the field of our third game if we"d see this in the regular season, I said, "probably not." So, I think a lot of words have sầu been put in my mouth with some of that stuff or exaggerated pretty big. So, I pretty much keep it pretty real to lớn everyone, but I don"t just tell everyone the answer.